Cosy Chic: Functional and Fashionable Home Upgrades

Walking into your home, do you not get that relaxing and “I am home” feeling anymore? Did your walls become grey and even the plants look lifeless? With some functional, yet fashionable upgrades and tweaks, you can regenerate that loving feel for your home. So grab your favourite cup of tea and get ready for inspiration to rain down.

Make A Grand Entrance

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To set the mood right for what to expect, your entrance needs to fill this tall order. And what better way to give your guests a chic welcome than a cosy entrance area. It’s all in the details! Start off with a plush rug to soften the impact of heels and thundering footsteps (you don’t need little holes in your hardwood!) and add a chic console table with storage. Nothing is more functional than a place for the bat to keep keys and post in one area. Put an eye-catching mirror up for those last minute lipstick checks and hair fluffing and you are all set.

The Heart of the Home – The Kitchen

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The heart of the home: the kitchen. Where you express your love for others by the culinary dishes you create. Let’s refresh this by giving it a contemporary style update. Open shelves made from reclaimed wood or even a stone finish can give a cosy chic feel. Depending on the size of your kitchen, make sure that you arrange your cabinets smartly so that you can gain easy access to all your essentials – it doesn’t help if your cabinets are stunning to the eyes but a pain in the back to reach!

Lighting in your kitchen is extremely important – you don’t want to miss read salt instead of sugar when baking. But it doesn’t stop you from making sure that these important bulbs are also aesthetically pleasing. Create your inviting atmosphere with pendant lights or even under-cabinet LED strips. A kitchen island is the epitome of functionality for your culinary heaven and incorporating extra built-in storage for your pots and pans just makes sense. And to round it all off, add a trendy backsplash that can easily wipe off grease splatters.

The Cozy Living Room

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Swinging our focus to the living room – the core of where you relax and socialise. Starting with the centrepiece of your cosy heaven – your sofa – for a cosy chic upturn. Ditch the dreary 20 year old sofa and welcome in plush, comfortable upholstered seating that makes you go “hmmm” after a long day. Modern patterned scatter cushions with the “it” colour will keep your living room with the times. And for the functional element? Push in a coffee table and ottoman that doubles as hidden storage for your remotes, books and games.

Keep the flow going with layered lighting – overhead lighting checks the general lighting, table lamps for when you need light reading your book and those floor lamps complete the ambient atmosphere. No picture perfect cosy chic living room is complete without a fireplace crackling. And added bonus – it can increase your home value!

The Luxurious Lavatory

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And let’s not forget the lavatory in this cosy chic make-over. Swap out your sink for one with more storage (those extra toothbrushes and make-up wipes need to go somewhere) and pull down that disgusting shower curtain. In its place, create an illusion of a bigger space with a contemporary glass shower enclosure with a spa-like rainfall showerhead.

Say see ya to clutter with some smart storage solutions. Your fluffy towels will look extra chic on floating shelves, cute stylish baskets to hide away your toiletries and even your mirror cabinet can play keep-away as a smart storage solution. Who else hates getting out of a shower only to step onto icy flooring? Say hello to heated flooring! To really pull in that spa retreat picture together – add your choice of indoor plants. Not only will it add colour and calm to your lavatory, but it will also purify the air.


Revamping your home doesn’t have to be an onerous task; with just a bit of creativity and the right design elements in place, it can become chic yet cosy in no time at all. So get set for an experience filled with style, comfort, and functionality that will have all of your guests admiring it in equal measure – after all there’s no place quite as welcoming and stylish!

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