Make your home cosy with Cable and Cotton Lights

With the colder days and darker nights of autumn leading into winter, it’s the time of year when we’re keen to focus on even more ways to cosy up our home.

As lighting is one of the aspects that can help make or break the cosy feel in a room, we were happy to take up the challenge of trying a set of lights from Cable & Cotton.

What are Cable & Cotton lights?

Cable & Cotton specialise in unique handcrafted cotton lights. The concept is reminiscent of strings of colourful fairy lights, but these are extra special. The lights are handmade inThailand by craftswomen and the work helps to support a local community.

You can choose from a great selection of sets of colours, or handpick the colours you’d like to create your own customised set of lights. They come in different lengths too, so you can choose what works best for you.

What’s more, if you change your colour scheme at a later date, or simply fancy a change in lighting colours, then you can quickly and easily replace the light balls without having to completely start from scratch.

After much deliberation, we chose the Cherry Pop selection. It features lights in ruby red, rich plum and soft ivory – a good combination for adding some warm and cosy berry shades into a room.

The light balls arrive packed like this, and provide a great splash of colour as you open the box!

Cable and Cotton lights in the box

The string of lights is at the side of the box and you get to be a bit creative with putting them together and choosing which colours to put where.

The assembly process is easy. First check that the cable of lights works, by plugging it into a socket and turning it on. Then gently twist and push each of the lights into the balls, using the pre-cut slots. You’ll end up with a light cable that looks like similar to this:

Cable and cotton lights in cherry pop

And, voila, your lights are ready to use!

How to use Cable and Cotton fairy lights

One of the aspects we like most about these lights is that they’re very versatile.

You can hang them horizontally or vertically. You can drape them on a mantelpiece, around a window frame, picture,  mirror or even a bed.

They look so good when they’re turned on that you don’t have to do anything fancy or clever with them if you don’t want to – simply leaving them plugged in and lit up in a bundle on a windowsill will give an air of casual elegance.

Cosy Home guide to using Cable and Cotton lights

We really like the lights hung vertically and found that hanging them from the end of a curtain pole served the purpose well. The colours come to life when the lights are turned on, transforming them into gem-like glowing orbs. Plus, they produce dainty patterns of light on the wall.

Overall, we’re really impressed with Cable and Cotton’s lights. They’ve cleverly produced and packaged, easy to put together and the end result is a gorgeous string of colourful fairy lights that definitely help create a warm and cosy feel in a room.

They’re well priced too – a string of 20 lights costs £22.95, with 35 and 50 light options available as well – and come in a brilliant range of colours.

The lights definitely score top marks for the cosy factor and would make a lovely gift for your home or someone else’s.

(Disclosure: The lights were supplied for review by Cable and Cotton, but all views and opinions are our own).

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