How to design the perfect guest bedroom

Preparing your home for friends and house guests can be a great way of showing off your living space whilst ensuring your visitors are well looked after. In an ideal world, you’d want your guest room to look like a 5-star hotel, but your budget may not stretch to create a luxury getaway.

What you can do however, is provide your guests with the necessities to ensure they have a comfortable and pleasant stay, and leave wanting to stay again. Below you’ll find our comprehensive list of things to help design your new welcoming guest room.

Find a comfortable bed

Down pillows are a great addition to a luxury bedroom

Avoid providing your guests with an old, worn-out mattress when good quality used beds can still be found at a reasonable rate. New bedding is great if you don’t fancy using your own or want to match the aesthetic of the room – supply some blankets as well for those cold winter nights!

It’s always best to opt for a larger bed in case multiple guests stay at the same time. You could even place a pull-out sofa in the room for additional sleeping space, which is great if the room is on the smaller side.

Provide storage solutions

Your guests will likely need someplace to store their belongings once they arrive, especially if they plan to stay for an extended period of time. A wardrobe with some hangers and a set of drawers will do the trick. You could also choose fitted wardrobes instead if you’re limited on space – this way you optimise the space you have available and provide your guests with a variety of storage options.

Privacy is key

Calm and peaceful bedroom for a restful night

Depending on how close you are to your guests, it’s always good to give them some privacy whilst they are sleeping or getting changed. Regardless of whether the window faces the road or not, it’s always best to get yourself some window coverings. This could take the form of shutters, curtains or blinds, depending on your preferences.

Also, aim to put a lock on the inside of the door so your guest can feel safe whenever they stay and no one accidentally walks in unannounced.

Decorate tastefully

Whilst it is your home, try to avoid covering the room with personal trinkets and photos. Keep the area simple and tidy and include some staple pieces, such as a painting, mirror, bedside table and some plants. Of course, still paint or decorate the room to match the rest of your house, just try to keep self-expression under some control.

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