5 ways to prepare early for Christmas

We know it’s still a little early, but with many people planning an all-out festive event this year to make up for the last year or so then we thought it was time to get Christmas on the calendar! We’re so looking forward to Christmas this year, but we’d like to make sure it’s seasonal not stressful. One way to avoid everything getting a bit much is to start getting organised in plenty of time and leave as little as possible to be done in December. Here’s what we’ll be ticking off our list:

Confirm dates with family and friends

Make arrangements for any get-togethers in plenty of time.

We’re all likely to be more in demand this year, so if you’re planning a festive get-together with friends at a Christmas market or a pre-Christmas sit-down dinner then get your requests in early! If you’re the first person on the calendar, you’ll get the dates you want. If your plans involve taking any time off work, then you could put your requests in now as well.

Organise your card and present list

This could even be the year you make your own Christmas cards and tags!

If you’re anything like us, then every single year you’ll say, “Oh, I really must put all my friends’ addresses onto a mailing list. It would save so much time!” Well, this year we’re actually going to do it. Honestly. No, don’t laugh. We’re also going to do it early enough that we’ve got time to track down any changes in addresses or missing postcodes well before the big day. We’re also going to make a list of any presents that need to be posted rather than handed over.

Start to stock up

Put a couple of Christmas items in your basket during the weekly shop.

Christmas goods and groceries are just starting to appear in the shops, so add a couple of things to your trolley each time you go shopping. Not only will that help to spread the cost, but you’ll also have a much better chance of getting everything you want before it sells out. Some supermarkets also run special offers on early Christmas goods to encourage shoppers to stock up, so you could even save money. Don’t just concentrate on perishable goods, either – if you see any nice wrapping paper or cards, grab them now as you always need more than you think you do.

Pick up wrapping paper when you see it.

Tackle household jobs

A bit less popular than Christmas-pudding shopping, this one, but it’s got to be done. Defrost your freezer and throw out anything that’s past its sell-by date or has been in there too long. Some councils now allow you to put food waste in your garden bin – check with your local authority. Do the same with any pantry shelves or cupboards so that you’re ready to store extra Christmas food. If your oven needs cleaning, now’s the time! If you have guests staying over in December, do you have enough bed linen? Many of us haven’t had guests for so long that we’re a bit out of practice! If you have any minor DIY jobs waiting to be finished, try and get them out of the way now.

Buy personalised presents

This early in the season, not only do you have time to shop online but you also have time to buy personalised presents for family and friends. Special items of clothing, personalised mugs or individual jewellery will all be appreciated by your recipient. Scour independent retailer networks such as Not on the High Street or Etsy for ideas, and you’ll be supporting small businesses at a difficult time too.

Finally, bring on the smugness! If you get organised now, you can mostly put your feet up in December and it will all have been worthwhile.

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