Plant and garden trends for 2020

Outdoor design is just as subject to trends as the inside of your house, so if you’re thinking of giving your garden a quick spruce up or even a serious makeover this year, we’ve tracked down the hottest trends for 2020.

1. Architectural features

Introducing features like these terracotta urns adds interest and texture to a garden and will work all year round.

By ‘architectural’, we mean things that add structure, shape and interest to your garden. These could be things like huge plant pots, made of unusual materials such as concrete, or sections of woven wall that don’t necessarily go anywhere. This sort of feature is invaluable in helping you divide up your outdoor space into sections, or to help lead the eye away or towards certain areas. Natural materials such as willow, wicker, rough (rather than dressed) stone and wood are all likely to be in vogue in 2020.

2. Wildlife gardens

Plant bee-friendly flowers to help Britain’s struggling bee population, and be very careful about using chemical weedkillers or pesticides.

Which leads us neatly onto our next point! Interest in environmental and wildlife concerns is as strong as ever, and home owners are encouraged to create little insect and wildlife havens in a corner of their garden. Plant bee-friendly flowers, leave down some rotting wood, don’t cut hedgerows back too much and leave some longer grass and undisturbed corners. You can get some lovely birdhouses, insect hotels and bird feeders if you want to add a little character.

3. Organic shapes

Curving lines, natural materials and trailing plants are all on trend.

There’s a move away from minimalist, urbanised gardens and straight lines, and towards curves, spirals and circles. This creates a more natural, flowing feel. Plants should be less regimented and more flowing, and paths should meander rather than march. The result should be a garden where you’re happy to wander, to stop and smell the flowers and which invites you to explore.

4. Supersize houseplants

Houseplants not only look good, they actively do us good as well. 2020 is the year to fill your house!

According to the RHS, houseplants are going to go stellar this year! They’re going to move off the windowsill and go a bit ‘Day of the Triffids’ on us, marching through every corner of the home. In all seriousness, this can only really be a good thing – houseplants have been proven to reduce stress and they’re great at producing a calming, relaxing atmosphere. Use them as part of the decor and to create interest throughout the house, and go as big as you can.

5. Upcycling

Upcycling has been huge inside the house for years, and now it’s taking off outside as well. We really like this trend – it’s environmentally friendly, and means you can really stamp your personality on things. Plus, it’s not normally expensive! Look out for unusual planters – basically, if it’s got a hole in the top and is fairly watertight, you can plant in it! If it’s completely watertight (such as an old ceramic biscuit container, for example), then put in a generous amount of crock (broken pot) and gravel to allow water to drain through, or, if possible, add a drainage hole.

6. Growing your own

This isn’t exactly a new trend – but it’s going to be hotter than ever, with more people becoming away of the origins of their food. If you don’t have space for a full-on vegetable garden, then strawberries can be grown in hanging baskets, potatoes can be grown in pots and herbs can be grown on a sunny windowsill. If you’re late to the ‘grow your own’ party, why not make 2020 the year you get started?

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