Tricks and tips to make a small bathroom seem larger

Bathrooms aren’t usually the largest room in the house, but sometimes they can be ridiculously small! If you like to kick back and relax with a long bath, then it’s worth investing a little time and effort into making that small room a big success.

Light up your life

The main secret of making a room feel bigger is to get more light into it. Paint walls and ceilings a pale, light reflecting colour such as pale grey.

Pearlised paint from B&Q

If you want to add a touch of texture or a feature wall, try one of the new pearlised shades from Colours at B&Q – the metallic flecks in the paint will help to reflect light. Colours feature wall metallic emulsion paint in Pearlescent, £11.73 for 1 litre from B&Q.

Keep window dressings to a minimum, and don’t have large solid objects on windowsills where they’ll block the light. Roman or roller blinds are a great choice for bathrooms, as they can be raised right up to the top of the window to let in as much light as possible, then lowered when you need more privacy. Choosing a waterproof blind is a good idea, particularly if you have children and helps prevent mildew forming.

Blinds from English Blinds

These simple white blinds from English Blinds start at £22.95.

Coloured glass ornaments such as jugs and bottles look nice on a bathroom windowsill, adding a splash of colour without blocking light.

If you only have a small window and there’s no scope for making it any bigger, then reflected light is the way to go. Install big mirrors on the wall opposite the window and above the sink – you could even cover a whole wall with mirrored tiles.

Bevelled glass mirror tiles from My Furniture

My Furniture has several styles available, including these brick-style bevelled mirrored tiles, £25.99 for a box of 22. They also have an antiqued version available if you prefer a more shabby chic look.

Clear thinking

Have as few solid objects in your bathroom as possible. For example, a clear glass shower screen will look less fussy than one that’s bevelled or printed. A walk-in shower will feel more spacious than an enclosed shower cubicle, and a sink or loo that’s mounted on the wall rather than on a pedestal will help fool the eye into thinking there’s more space available than there really is.

Be tidy-minded

If you have children, this one might be easier said than done! A messy room always looks smaller, so keeping everything neat and tidy so that you can see the floor will make a room feel instantly bigger. Instead of a laundry basket, buy a series of smaller laundry bags and hang them on the back of the door. Encourage your family to sort their washing into these, and not only will dirty washing be kept out of sight, you’ll also have a head start when you do the washing.

Lolly laundry bag from Ragged Rose

This Lolly floral laundry bag in duck egg floral 100% cotton fabric, £12 from Ragged Rose, is decorative as well as practical.

Open your mind

This one’s really an extension of the ‘keep it tidy’ mantra. Open shelves will make the room feel bigger than cupboards or cabinets, as you can see the wall through them giving an illusion of space. If you do need to have some closed cabinets because all your stuff’s just not that photogenic, then keep storage boxes low on the floor, below eye level, and use higher shelves for neatly folded towels, decorative jars and attractive bottles of bath salts and other potions.

Budget ladder shelf from Sue Ryder

Get the look on a budget with this four tier ladder shelf from Sue Ryder. It’s 30% off at £20.99 (was £29.99), and the money raised goes to help support the Sue Ryder hospice and neurological care programme.

Oak ladder shelf, Grace and Glory

If you need something a little bigger, how about this oak ladder shelf from Grace and Glory? Priced at £285, it has six shelves, offering plenty of room.

Main image (top): English Blinds

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