5 Ways to Turn Your Bathroom Into Your Happy Place

You may have checked out the best tips and tricks to make your bathroom feel bigger, but that doesn’t mean your bathroom transformation is over. If you love to soak in the tub, you want the experience to be rejuvenating and wonderful. To achieve this, you want to turn your bathroom into your happy place where you can relax and get away from the stress of everything on the other side of the door. So, where do you start? 

Calming Lighting 

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Calm lighting with dimmable lights or scented candles is an excellent way to promote a relaxed atmosphere. No one wants to lie in the bath with a harsh fluorescent light beating down on them, so opt for other ideas to create your cosy environment. If you like to read in the bath, you’ll need something bright enough so you don’t suffer eye strain, but that should be easy enough. You can also use lamps (as long as they are not wired) to add a little more light if you need it. 

Soft Textures 

Soft textures immediately make any space feel cosier. Whether it’s your bathrobe, fresh towels, or your bath mat, a gentle texture can make you feel more relaxed than ever, which is just what you need. As difficult as it can be to get out of the bath, especially when it’s cold outside, these accessories can make things much easier as you migrate from a steaming hot bathtub into the warmth of your bed. 

Fantastic Fragrances 

If you want to create the perfect cosy space, fragrance oils are a brilliant way to help you relax as you soak in the tub reading your new book or catch up on your favourite shows. You can find a range of aromas that promote calmness, such as lavender, making it the perfect addition to your bathroom. Light an incense, use an essential oils diffuser, or put a few drops of your favourite oils in the bath with you to get the most out of them.

Cleaning the Mess 

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No one can relax in a cluttered space, so investing in accessories and furniture that help you organise your bathroom can make a huge difference. You can find drawer sets and baskets that match your home decor and achieve the perfect vibe for your bathroom. Store all your lotions and potions to keep things in the right place and easily accessible when you go through your self-care routine once you’re out of the bath. 

Bubbles and Recovery 

While many people use baths to relax, they also boast health and recovery benefits. Using Epsom salts can reduce muscle pain after a workout and relieve pressure to help you feel more mobile and encourage activity. Combine this with bubble bath, and you’ll feel like you’re at a luxury spa

Bathroom Heaven 

Everyone deserves to relax at some point. Making your bathroom your happy place can give you the chance to soak in the tub, recover, and feel at peace. These tips can help you achieve something that is entirely yours, giving you somewhere to escape from the grind and recharge. 

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