Top kitchen trends for 2018

Update your kitchen: discover the top kitchen trends of 2018

Replacing your kitchen can be a big investment. Depending on whether you’re also intending to replace flooring or do some remodelling, you can send anything from £5,000 to ….well, the sky’s the limit. While some styles never go out of fashion, we thought we’d take a look at what 2018 holds if you’d like the hottest kitchen around.


Basically, this year, anything goes. Bold colour that reflects your personality is so key that many customers are choosing to have their own personalised shades custom-mixed. Go for a feature wall, or go all out with different colours on every wall (probably best to keep it to the same colour palette, though!).  If you have an open plan kitchen with a cooking area and a dining area, you can afford to darker at the dining end to create an intimate, cosy feel. Keep things light and bright at the kitchen end so you can see what you’re doing!

If bold and bright doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, soft, pretty pastels are still in vogue this year and make a perfect partner for wood textures.

The hot colours of the year are shades of blue, including cobalt and indigo, and grey tones.

Shades of blue are popular colours for kitchen designs

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If you have the space, kitchen islands are still big news. In fact, if you have a large enough space, you can choose to go for more than one! They’re so versatile as they can be accessed from all sides, so if you like a relaxed vibe with friends or family helping you cook, an island makes a sociable preparation space. They also add extra storage or dining spaces.

Integrated storage is getting cleverer, with kitchen designers coming up with more ideas to maximise space. If you’re lacking storage, consider taking shelving floor to ceiling but leaving shelves open plan so they don’t feel too closed in.

As regards units themselves, the traditional Shaker-style is still timelessly popular and is easy to update with a new coat of paint when you get bored. Plain doors make for a sleek feel, but can be prone to showing finger prints (or dog nose prints!)

If you don’t have space for a kitchen island, how about this Aldsworth butcher’s block? With its zinc top, it also gives a nod to the metallic trend. £290, available from Modish Living.


If you’re putting a lot of time and trouble into getting your new kitchen right, don’t neglect the lighting. Concealed lighting (under the bottom of wall units) or feature lighting (inside glass wall units) is still on trend and helps you position the light where you need it for working. Pendant lights are still at the top of the list this year, with metallic, industrial-style metal shades working well in any setting.

These Shimla pendants by Nkuku pick up two key trends – pendant lights, and metallics. Prices start at £98, available from Caroline McGrath.

Go high tech

Even if you’re planning a very traditional look, you can still make use of modern technology. Smart kitchens are a big trend this year, with integrated control hubs meaning you can control lighting and music at the touch of one button – even if you’re not in the room! Almost everything from washing machines to ovens can now be controlled via an app, as well.

Bosch Home Connect brings smart technology to your kitchen appliances

Bosch has developed Home Connect, which brings smart technology to your kitchen appliances, enabling you to control them from your phone or tablet. Perfect for getting the dinner on or the washing done before you’re even home!


Metallics are still with us this year, with a slight move towards warmer tones such as brass, gold and copper which are perfect for a more traditional feel. Think taps, cupboard door handles, cookware and accessories.

Dip your toe in the metallics trend with this brass and marble kitchen towel holder from Ferm Living. £39, available from Cloudberry Living.

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