Cosy Kitchens: Traditional style Belfast sink

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Belfast or Butler sink

One of the classic sink designs that continues to be a popular choice for a traditional cosy kitchen is the good old Victorian Belfast or Butler sink.

Not only does the style look distinctive and like it’s come straight out of a country cottage kitchen, but the size of the sinks are usually pretty roomy, making washing up larger items easier than some small modern sinks.

Whilst original vintage sinks from this era can still be found, if you’re lucky, in secondhand shops or at antique fairs, there are some good traditional style replicas available too. Many of these are also very well priced, making a Belfast sink more affordable than you might imagine.

Take this sink, for example. It’s made of ceramic and shaped in the traditional rectangular Belfast sink style, with a rounded rim. It’s a heavy and chunky sink (you may need help lifting and carrying it before it’s put in situ), and it’s made for washing up in style.

The white ceramic Belfast sink is only £179 from B&Q.

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