Cosy and colourful bedding ideas from Joules

The new bedding collection from Joules is bursting with colour and vibrancy and there are some lovely bedding ideas to help create a cosy bedroom.

What’s more, many of the duvet covers are reversible, giving two contrasting looks for the price of one!

Luxury bedding for a cosy home bedroom

Sunbird duvet

Sunbird is a gorgeous and lively duvet cover, with a floral hand drawn sunbird design on one side, and a stripe design on the other.

Coastal theme bedroom ideas

Deckchair stripe duvet

The deckchair stripe duvet cover brings with it memories of lazy summer days on the beach, with its colourful horizontal stripe design in varying widths and typical deckchair colours.

Cosy home cosy bedroom ideas

Seabird duvet

The seabird coastal birds duvet cover is another reversible option. On one side it features wading and gliding birds and on the other a colourful stripe design.

Investing in new bedding is a great way of giving new life to a bedroom – it’s amazing how different it can look with a simple change of duvet.

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