Original Cloth recycled fabric picture

Handmade recycled fabric picture by Original Cloth

Pretty flower picture

We discovered Original Cloth thanks to the wonderful Follow Friday #ff  feature on Twitter. Lissa Herd, who runs Original Cloth, specialises in putting scraps of leftover fabric to very good use, by recycling and crafting them into new items.

Amongst her offerings are various items for the home, including some very attractive cushions and wallhangings.

Our eye was caught by this recycled fabric picture, which is adorned with an array of colourful fabric flowers and so-called Suffolk puffs. The centre of some of the flowers are accented with buttons and it would be a really nice picture to hang in your home.

The floral fabric picture is priced at only £12, as are the cushions, and you can buy them from the Original Cloth shop on Etsy.

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