Tree horse plate by Georgina Fowler at Seek and Adore

Handmade earthenware slip cast plate by Georgina Fowler

Purple tree and horse design plate

We’ve recently heard about the site Seek and Adore, which is bursting at the seams with beautiful handmade items for your home, plus lovely accessories.

You’ll find a wide range of designers and crafters on the site, all selling lots of inspiring and tempting items.

Amongst the many items we spotted and loved is this unusual handmade plate by Georgina Fowler. The plate is made from slip cast white earthenware and is decorated with a pretty purple tree and horse design – it’s not surprising to note that Georgina is inspired by fairy tales, as there’s an element of magic and intrigue in the design.

The small purple tree horse plate can be purchased from Georgina’s store on Seek and Adore for £36.

For more inspirational home accessories and product ideas, check out Seek and Adore.

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