Spa bathroom: luxury shower features you need in your home

Top shower technology that you need in your bathroom

The idea of having your very own spa style bathroom at home may have seemed like a dream in the past, but thanks to advances in shower technology, it could now be a reality. We take a look at some of the top features of luxury spa bathrooms that you could have in your home.

Jet steam technology

Jet steam technology has revolutionized the humble shower and brought all of your favourite spa elements into the bathroom. Now it’s easier than ever before to create your own shower experience that mimics a luxury steam room or sauna.

Showers with built in aromatherapy modules go hand-in-hand with jet steam technology, adding a new dimension to your showering experience. For an uplifting shower, the aromatherapy oil eucalyptus could be added, whilst if you’d prefer a more relaxing shower as you wind down towards bed, lavender is the perfect oil to add.

Chromotherapy showers

Chromatherapy refers to the art of using both water and coloured lights to create different moods. Luxury showers are built with LED lights installed that can change colour according to the mood you’d like to evoke. For example, cool blue and green shades are good for morning showers, helping you feel refreshed and ready to tackle the day ahead.

Alternatively, some showers have the function to cycle through the different colours so they change at regular intervals throughout your shower. Often this feature can be powered by the flow of water.

Luxury spa style bathroom with high tech rainfall shower

Bluetooth connectivity

Smart technology has become prominent throughout homes in recent years, with the ability to control aspects such as central heating and other home gadgets via mobile phones. Now it’s even possible to control key bathroom features using smart technology.

Some showers, such as those from Insignia Showers, are designed with built-in Bluetooth connectivity, meaning that you can pre-program or control key features from your mobile device. For example, you could set the maximum temperature, the length of time you’d like to shower or even turn the shower on and off remotely. This could be perfect if you have a teenager who hogs the shower for hours and is reluctant to come out!

There are even some baths with Bluetooth abilities, where you can create pre-sets of your preferred water temperature and depth – meaning there’s no need to hover near the tap whilst the bath fills with water or dip your hand in to test the temperature.

Touch screen technology

In line with all the Bluetooth abilities, it’s no surprise that touch screen technology is also being seen in luxury bathrooms. The touch screens allow for easy programming of key shower features and are designed to be easy to use whether your fingers are wet or dry.

A rain shower

Rain or rainfall shower heads are a more luxurious option in a shower as they tend to be wider than standard shower heads. The way they’re made means that you get a different shower experience too. With a rain shower, you’ll get a gentle spray of water that comes straight down onto you, rather than a traditional shower head that tends to spray water outwards.

Although the spray of water emitted is gentler than a standard shower head, a rain shower can still deliver a high enough pressure to make your shower effective and many people find it a much more relaxing experience.

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