Victorian Bathrooms: Bringing Back a Traditional Feel to Modern Styling

Designing a traditional bathroom

Bathrooms have seen a dramatic change over the past couple of decades. With the introduction of water jets and aromatherapy, the bathroom is becoming a place of tranquillity where you are able to spend one hour of your busy day to relax and have some time to yourself.

However, with the changing times, it appears that there are certain elements that are being bought back in from the past. As contradicting as this may seem, modern bathroom styling is increasingly taking a great deal of inspiration from the classical bathrooms of our Victorian era.

With modern styling comes an apparent default of bathroom providers offering shallow baths with little choice of differentiation. Albeit you can choose a range of technology to add to your bathing experience, there is little choice in the way of style and aesthetics if you want a modern look. For many people, the standard white porcelain shell of a 1700×700 bath tub does not offer them exactly what they are after. When spending a lot of money on a bathroom, more often than not the customer wants to have a feature that offers that wow factor and sets them aside from the thousands of other cliché bathrooms.

Traditional bathroom styles

This is the reason as to why many people are reintroducing double ended bath tubs into their bathrooms. Offering an indulgent and unique experience, it is easy to see why people are choosing to either renovate old classic baths into new period gems or by them new with a sense of vintage styling. The most common type of bath that suits this niche tends to be double ended baths as this offers both a sense of traditional style but with modern practicalities. These can act as a feature in any bathroom as they can are unique and yet subtle with their lavishness.

Traditional double ended luxury bath tub

With styling aside, the bathing experience of baths such as these are nothing but luxurious. Offering a choice of sides to stop and admire the rest of your bathroom from and depths that allow you to sink into without a care in the world, these old school bath tubs appear to have all the requirements of a modern person. Comfort, style, sophistication and character are just some of the benefits that these have to offer and it is easy to see why so many people are choosing to do this within their bathroom.

When buying new, these old styled baths are made from materials that have all the modern benefits without compromising on design and style. Despite being from an older origin, there is no doubt that bath tubs such as these that are being reintroduced into the modern home fit in without a problem. Adding a touch of classic heritage to a modern bathroom is becoming an increasingly popular demand that bathrooms of all shapes and sizes are able to achieve.

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