Product review: ProCook 10 jar spice rack

Looking for a new spice rack for your kitchen? Cosy Home’s resident reviewer, Sara Walker, reviews the contemporary ProCook 10 jar spice rack.

The ProCook 10 jar spice rack reviewed by Sara Walker on Cosy Home Blog

“I’m a keen cook, and love to cook with herbs which are an easy way of adding taste and colour to any dish. In the spring and summer I use fresh herbs from the garden, but when those aren’t available it’s invaluable to have some dried options available. I also turn to my spice rack regularly for things like nutmeg, which I don’t think I’m going to get to grow myself!

My current ‘spice rack’ consists of a pantry shelf crammed with little bottles, many of which have been refilled so many times they’ve lost their labels, and which have a tendency to fall over like dominoes when I move one.

The Procook 10 jar spice rack has labels on the lids to help identify the contents

The jar labels are etched into the lids for durability.

“The ProCook 10 jar spice rack is made from chrome-plated stainless steel, and looks neat and unobtrusive. I liked the tower shape, which took up little room on the counter, and the carry handle meant it was easy to transport the spices to the pan rather than vice versa.

The bottles tilt up at an angle so you can extract them easily and the names are clearly visible. The ten bottles come ready filled, with herbs and spices including bay leaves, parsley, cinnamon, chilli flakes, curry powder, oregano, thyme, mixed herbs, ginger and rosemary.

Procook 10 jar spice rack

The jars are easy to remove and return.

“The whole spice rack arrangement is sturdy and fuss free and it’s easy to use on the go. I really liked the fact that the labels were etched into the lids of the bottles so that I could wash the bottles in hot water without the labels coming off. That will make it much easier to keep everything clean – however, it does mean I can’t re-fill the bottles with any other contents and re-label them. Of the contents provided the only thing I don’t use much is bay leaves, so it probably won’t cause much of a problem.

“A refill supermarket packet of herbs costs around £1.50 to £2, so to get the 10 jars plus the contents and rack for £32 I thought was good value for money. The ProCook 10 jar spice rack would be a great addition to any kitchen, and is certainly smart enough to offer as a gift – perhaps a house warming?”

The spice rack is available to purchase online from ProCook, in high street stores and from other online retailers.

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(Disclosure: The spice rack was provided for review, but all views and opinions are honest and those of the reviewer). 

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