Hot trends: maximalist home accessories

While Marie Kondo and her de-cluttering ethos is all the vogue at the moment, we’ve decided to embrace our maximalist tendencies. And it seems we’re not alone – maximalism has been noted as a key trend this year.

It’s not about indiscriminately hoarding or collecting random stuff, though – it’s more about using lots of bright colour, great texture and lots of eclectic furniture and accessories to create a busy, vibrant, energetic whole. Here’s what we’re hankering after:

Maximalist Cushions

Cushions are the mainstay of maximalism. They’re relatively inexpensive, can be piled as high as you like and are easy to change when you want to alter the look. Go for lots of bright colours (it’s fine if they clash) and as many different textures as you can – wool, velvet, faux fur, tassels, sequins, applique – all on the same cushion if you can! This is very much a ‘more is more’ attitude, and we’re owning it.

1. Handwoven cotton and wool Aztec cushion with pompoms, Ian Snow

Use this Aztec design cushion to support the maximalism home trend

Aztec cushion from Ian Snow

This cushion has it all – bright colours, texture and ethical manufacturing in India. £49, available from Ian Snow.

2. Japanese festival cushion, Safomasi

Japanese festival cushion, Safamasi

Two cushions for the price of one, this design features a cobalt blue festival print on the front and a twist on the classic Japanese Seigaiha pattern of concentric circles on the reverse – spot people from the procession dotted amongst the indigo blue waves. Each cushion cover is handprinted so there are slight tonal and design variances that make them unique. £55, available from Postcards Home.

Maximalist Lighting

A lamp or pendant shade needs to look as good when it’s turned off as when it’s illuminated. Choosing shades with fabric or fringing looks great, and will soften the light to create a cosy glow.

3. Brass palm tree table lamp, Abode Living

Brass palm tree lamp, Abode Living

This vintage style lamp in a matt unpolished brass finish is a bit bonkers, but we love it. It has a sturdy base, dimmer switch and uses two E27 fitting light bulbs up to 60w. Ideal for creating on a talking point on an undistinguished side table, it costs £375 from Abode Living.

4. Discoveries light, Hurn & Hurn

Discoveries light, Hurn & Hurn

Add a touch of drama with this unusual pendant light. The five glass spheres spiral around a gold-coloured centre post giving a constant sense of light and movement. It costs £300, available from Hurn & Hurn.

Maximalist Throws

Another budget-friendly way of creating the look, throws can be piled over everything from sofas to tables. Don’t just stop at one, either – that’s not the maximalist way! Add cotton to velvet to faux fur to chunky knitted until you can barely see the original chair. Reversible throws make it easy to change the look as well.

5. Stripes and dots kingsize bedspread, Rebecca’s Aix home

Lovely stripes and dots bedspread throw - a perfect home accessory for the maximalist trend

Stripes and dots kingsize bedspread, Rebecca’s Aix home

This reversible bedspread has a geometric design on one side and a blue stripe on the reverse, with red stitching to add colour and texture. It’s handmade product and sometimes the pattern and stitching can be irregular adding to the charm of the piece. made from 100% cotton, it costs £120 for the kingsize version from Rebecca’s Aix Home.

6. Olivia vintage patchwork throw, Sue Ryder

Olivia vintage patchwork throw, Sue Ryder

A great budget option, this design is in cool greys features a patchwork print on one side and a floral and butterfly motif on the other. £19.99, available from Sue Ryder.

Maximalist Accessories

Although we’re plugging the maximalist ethos, the trick with accessories is not to pile hundreds of tiny items onto tables or you’ll end up with a dusting nightmare and nowhere to put your coffee cup down! Go for fewer striking, intricate or colourful pieces to create a visual punch without sacrificing practicality.

7. Stoneware flower, Beaumonde

Gorgeous maximalist style home accessory

Stoneware flower, Beaumonde

This beautiful ceramic chrysanthemum decoration is ideal for the wall or coffee table, and each one is handcrafted and unique. £43, available from Beaumonde.

8. Set of two bud vases, Garden Trading

Set of two bud vases, Garden Trading

Cram these two little vases with wild flowers in season, artificial flowers or even coloured pencils. Handmade from recycled glass, each one is slightly different. £14 for the pair, available from Garden Trading.

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