6 New Ways to Incorporate Distressed Wood in Your Home


Stunning distressed wooden herringbone pattern wall

Like any other industry, design trends ebb and flow with time. Depending on what people are into and what designers are making, you’ll see people post all over the Internet about their sense of style when it comes to interior decorating. The concept of distressed wood has recently become popular.

Distressed wood, also known as reclaimed wood, has an older look to it. Your furniture will look more casual and cozy, so it fits in great with laid-back interior designs. If you’ve been looking at your distressed wood decorating options and feel like you’ve seen the same things on repeat, check out the list below for some new ideas. You might get inspired and find the perfect way to show off your latest distressed wood passions.

1. Get a Used TV Stand

Mid century modern reclaimed wood TV stand

The key feature about distressed wood is that it looks used. If it’s painted, it may be faded around the edges, and if it’s unpainted, it will look used and a bit worn. Far from being a downside, these factors make pieces feel homier. One way to easily use distressed wood in your home is to look around at used furniture. People might sell them at local flea markets, thrift stores or even online.

A good place to start if you’re new to distressed wood is where you spend the most time — the living room. Use this new look in a TV stand! It’ll be the focal point of the room without forcing attention away from where it will naturally want to fall. Search around for distressed wood TV stands to start your journey into your new style.

2. Cage Your Kitchen Lights

Something that’s relatively new to the kitchen world is the idea of wooden chandeliers, or caged lighting. They come in all shapes and sizes, and you can even make them on your own! Depending on the space you have to work with in your kitchen, you can get creative with distressed wood and design a statement piece that’s unique to your home.

3. Build Outdoor Shelving

Another outstanding feature of distressed wood is that it does well outdoors. There’s not noticeable weathering, so as long as your decorations or furniture aren’t in direct sunlight, they’ll look perfectly in place. Take an afternoon to build some outdoor shelving to give your porch a whole new look.

4. Make a Distressed Island

ncorporate the look of distressed wood in your home

When people want to redecorate their kitchens, it’s an easy fix to change out the countertops by switching marble to granite, or vice versa. Change things up with a distressed kitchen island top. It’ll save you from a big renovation budget, and it’ll help the environment. Saving the planet is just one of the many reasons people choose to work with reclaimed wood.

5. Hang Coats on Reclaimed Wood

If you have a smaller budget, don’t sweat it. Get a board of distressed wood and install your favorite hooks on it. After you screw it into a wall in your home, you’ll have an affordable and easy coat rack. This project is great because you can choose whichever hooks you like and even change them out after a while if you want to switch the style.

6. Party With Serving Bowls

Distressed wooden bowls are ideal to use as serving bowls for parties and entertaining

No matter what kind of party you have coming up, you can serve your food in stylish distressed wood serving bowls. Set them on a table with plenty of chips and dip, or take them to a house party where they can hold an entree. They come in any size, so you can use them for serving or for everyday dishware.

Incorporating distressed wood into your life doesn’t take a lot of interior design skills to do. Think about how you want to decorate and what furniture you can replace with reclaimed wood. You’ll be helping the planet and getting an amazing decorating scheme at the same time.

Ideas and inspiration from Cosy Home Blog on how to use the distressed wood trend in your home decor

Post written by Kacey Bradley

All images courtesy of Unsplash

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