Styled to sell: Styling a cosy bedroom with Bairstow Eves

Do you have a cosy bedroom? If you’ve ever put your house on the market, you’ll know how tricky it can be to ensure that the interior looks good and is functional for you, whilst also making a good impression for potential buyers. As the house selling process can be really stressful, property experts Bairstow Eves recently launched an interior design guide to selling your home.

They suggest that styling your home for a sale can be simple….if you know what’s best to do. In conjunction with a number of interior design stylists and bloggers, they produced a series of videos, each focusing on a particular room.

The videos are all informative and helpful and explore tips and ideas for maximising potential in different rooms of your home. For example, there’s one looking at ideas for improving your bathroom, and a practical guide to updating your living room.

However, we’ve been particularly inspired by the Styled to Sell bedroom video, in which luxury lifestyle blogger XAmeliaX shares her top bedroom styling tips. In fact, we’ve used it as the basis of re-styling a bedroom.

For starters, here’s Amelia’s video where she talks through her top tips:

Styling a cosy bedroom

How to style a cosy bedroom in your home

In order to style a cosy bedroom, Amelia suggests it’s a good idea to start with a blank canvas, such as white walls and beige carpets, so you can then add accessories and soft furnishings with colour and design. This is particularly practical if you’re selling your house, as it’s easier for buyers to have a blank canvas on the walls, rather than be faced with loads of decor that doesn’t appeal to them.

Next, Amelia suggests letting your duvet do the talking, through the use of subtle patterned designs and colour. We’ve taken this on board and used a lovely heavyweight duvet cover with a subtle geometric-style design. There’s enough pattern on it to make it more interesting than a plain cover, but it’s not too bold to be overwhelming.

How to create a super stylish and cosy bedroom style

At Cosy Home we’re all about adding cosy touches, so it was a no brainer for us to take up Amelia’s next idea of adding a throw. We’ve used a textured design throw in an autumn rust shade to add colour and style to the bed, whilst also providing a layer of extra warmth at night. To help layer up the look of the bed, we’ve added an additional neutral blanket, which will come in handy on super cold nights and add to the overall design in our cosy bedroom.

Essential textures and ideas for styling a cosy bedroom

Cushions are perfect for use on the bed, so we choose three complementary cushions with interesting patterns, fabrics and designs. Amelia suggests they “make a huge difference to the feel of your bedroom,” and we certainly agree. There’s one that matches the throw and is in a soft velvet fabric, a red silk square cushion for some contrasting colour and a delicately patterned cushion too. Plus, we couldn’t resist adding in a faux fur covered hot water bottle too to complete the cosy bedroom look!

Creative ways to add texture to a cosy bedroom with a sheepskin rug

The use of textures is really important for adding layers and interest to a room and one particular idea for a cosy, super textured room is to incorporate a sheepskin rug. Although a rug is great for the floor, a sheepskin rug can be used in other ways too, and we were intrigued to try out Amelia’s idea of using it on a bedside table.

The bedside tables in the room are open at the bottom, so all the contents are visible. If you’re selling your home, it’s good to have the clutter cleared as much as possible, but if you also want to hide the clutter, using a rug is a great solution. The Icelandic sheepskin rug from John Lewis is super soft and cosy and long enough to drape down all over the open front of the bedside table. With just a few key accessories and a lamp out on top, it has really transformed the look. It’s lovely and tactile to touch and adds a more glam, upmarket style to the room.

Overall, we were really impressed by the tips in the #StyledtoSell guide and they were all very easy to implement and achieve – we’re very pleased with the result in our cosy bedroom. They’re definitely steps worth taking if you’re planning to put your house on the market, as they could make a significant difference to the look of a room without the needs for major re-decorating, and help you achieve your desired sale.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the video guides in the #StyledtoSell series, as they’re all worth a watch. And if you’re looking to sell your home or buy a new property, the experts at Bairstow Eves could certainly help.

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