10 denim home accessories

The appeal of denim is timeless – after all – how many of us can say we’ve never owned a pair of jeans?

The name ‘denim’ is a corruption of ‘de Nîmes’, meaning ‘from the French town of Nîmes’. Although known in Europe since the 17th century, the fabric, once used for everything from sails to boot linings, was made popular in 19th century America. Recognising a need by miners for good, hard wearing workwear, entrepreneur Levi Strauss invented the riveting process in conjunction with tailor Jacob Davies, and the ‘blue jean’ as we know it was born.

It’s testament to the durability and comfort of denim that jeans have remained so popular. The most common colour is still indigo blue – as it’s made from a mixture of dyed blue warp threads and white weft threads, blue jeans are white on the inside. Modern dying techniques, though, mean we can now buy our denim in a whole rainbow of colours.

The advantages that have made denim the go-to choice for casual trousers for over 150 years also make it an attractive and hard-wearing choice for home accessories – we’ve picked out our favourites.

1. Genoa denim high bar chair, Harley and Lola

Made from a recycled pair of vintage jeans, this unique bar stool will look great in any kitchen or lounge area. The denim seat is supported by handmade solid teak wood legs. £91.99, available from Harley and Lola.

2. Relaxed yellow denim cotton bedding, Secret Linen Store

This unusual yellow bedding made from 100% cotton has a denim weave, giving a distinctive look of denim in super soft cotton comfort. As it’s a true denim weave, one side of the fabric is paler than the other for a quirky look. Prices start at £9 for a pillowcase from Secret Linen Store.

3. Irwell denim blue elephant stitched light shade, Colours at B&Q

Add denim to your ceiling with this denim blue light shade, with elephant silhouettes picked out in raised white stitching. Ideal for a child’s room, or anywhere you want to add a quirky accent to a plain ceiling. £16, available from B&Q.

4. Jubbly bean bag in denim, Pouf Daddy

The denim Jubbly (a triangular design named after a 1950s ice cream) is comfortable and  hardwearing, ideal for TV rooms or children’s playrooms. £169, available from Pouf Daddy.

5. Genoa denim round low stool, Harley and Lola

Made from vintage denim, this quirky round stool is sure to create a statement in any room. It can be used as an occasional seat or footstool, and the legs are handmade from solid teak making it sturdy and comfortable. £55.99, available from Harley and Lola.

6. Jeans pocket wall storage, Kikkerland

If you’ve got a child (or a spouse!) who insists on stuff everything they need for the day in their jeans’ pockets then these wall-mounted storage pouches are ideal. Great for storing pens and other small necessities, they’re fun as well as practical. £10 each, from Kikkerland.

7. Pants cube pouf, Zoeppritz

Make an original addition to any room in your interior with this pouf, adorned with an array of denim jeans in different shades and shapes. £156 from Amara.

8. Shabby chic denim frill cushion, House of Fraser

For a softer, prettier denim look, this cushion is perfect for layering on your sofa or bed. Complete with a feather filled cushion pad, it was £40 now £28 from House of Fraser.

9. Blue and white denim and chenille cushion, Harley and Lola

This unusual cushion has is handmade from strips of recycled denim and soft chenille to create a chunky texture, ideal for adding interest to a plain sofa. £24.99 from Harley and Lola.

10. Indigo denim donut dog bed, Rokabone

When it comes to choosing stylish denim home accessories, don’t forget your best friend! Handcrafted in London from durable indigo denim and linen, donut dog bed is ideal for discerning dogs. Prices start at £75 from Rokabone.

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