Top 10 spring cleaning essentials

Spring’s a wonderful time of year – the flowers are starting to come out, there are leaves on the trees and longer, brighter days. The downside of all that extra light is that you might get a bit of a shock when it streams through the windows!

If you’re getting ready to tackle the spring cleaning, keep yourself motivated with these bright, quirky and fun accessories.

1. Rubber washing up bowl and brush, Normann Copenhagen

Rubber washing up bowl and brush, £60 from Design 55

New materials and manufacturing processes bring this simple washing up bowl into the 21st century. Made from rubber, it will bend and fit in to any sink and is 100% dishwasher safe. It comes complete with a washing up brush made with real bristles, and is available in black, grey or mint green. £60, available from Design 55.

2. Fred Dust Bunny dusting mitt, KitchenCraft

Fred Dust Bunny Mitt will help make spring cleaning less of a chore

You’ll have the children lining up to help you with the housework with this cute mitt, made out of super-cling microfibre so dust doesn’t have a chance. Toss it in the wash to make it like new again. Guaranteed to turn a boring job into one that makes you smile, Fred costs around £10. For more information and stockists, see KitchenCraft. 

3. Princess laundry bag, The Contemporary Home

Girl’s laundry bag, £10 from the Contemporary Home

Fed up of nagging your little princess to pick her tiara up? Make sorting dirty laundry more of an occasion with this princess laundry bag. It features a cartoon of a princess on the front and the words ‘Please wash me’, with ‘laundry’ on the back. £10, available from The Contemporary Home.

4. Kitchen cleanser,Mangle & Wringer

Natural kitchen cleanser by Mangle & Wringer, £5.80

We’re always on the lookout for cleaning products that do their job but aren’t packed full of chemicals. This kitchen cleanser is safe, natural and biodegradable, cutting through grease and grime on all kitchen surfaces. Safe for use on marble, granite, chrome, ceramics, enamel, plastic, paintwork, glass and stainless steel. Great for removing tarnish on silver too. £5.80 from The Cottage in the Hills.

5. Bucket dishwashing set, Zone Denmark

Washing up set by Zone Denmark.

Cut your sink side clutter and with this four piece washing up set, designed to keep everything tidy in style. The set includes a microfibre dish cloth, one-hand-operated refillable soap pump and free-standing scrubbing brush (with a replaceable brush head),all in a bucket with an integrated T-shaped handle for easy repositioning and for draping the wet dishcloth over. Available in four colours, £40 from Red Candy.

6. Blue shore birds dishcloth, Kippan

Shore birds dishcloth, £3.99

Washing up isn’t the most popular chore, but this sponge cellulose dishcloth from Swedish company Klippan will make it a little more bearable. £3.99 from And Shine.

7. Flora sink brush, Kizmos

Kizmos Flora sink brush

With an easy to hold handle, this sink brush is great for cleaning those hard to scrub plates and dishes and is especially good when cleaning the inside of tall glasses. It also adds a little colour to a dark corner. There’s a separate drip holder to stand up the brush and keep your worktop surface dry and clean. Priced around £5, for more information and stockists visit KitchenCraft.

8. Large enamel caddy. Laura Ashley

Cleaning products caddy, £18.20 from Laura Ashley

Keep cleaning materials and other household items neatly stored with this large caddy. Divided into four sections this caddy boasts a contrasting wooden handle and is subtly embossed with Laura Ashley branding, while the cream enamel finish give it neutral appeal. Was £26, now £18.20 from Laura Ashley.

9. Spray and Go natural cleaner, Mangle and Wringer

Natural multi-purpose cleaner, £5.60

This safe, natural and eco friendly multi purpose cleaner removes grease and grime from all hard washable surfaces with no need to rinse. It contains all natrual ingredients including aqua, acetic acid, coconut and sunflower oil soap, lemon oil, palm free vegetable glycerine, potassium chloride, potassium citrate. £5.60 from The Cottage in the Hills.

10. Dolly dustpan and brush, MAIDEN

Dolly dustman and brush, £6.50

This quirky dustpan reminds us of Dutch dolls, and it’s certainly a change from basic grey plastic! £6.50, available from MAIDEN.

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