Cosy Home decorating guide: Themed kid’s bedrooms

Useful guide to various children's bedroom decorating themes

Themed rooms are great for kids. They can celebrate their passion, enjoy the magic of being young and you can be creative in how you decorate and accessorize their rooms.

We’ve focused on various different themes for kids bedrooms, so here’s a guide to our most popular posts:

1. Fit for royalty: 10 accessories for a child’s princess bedroom

A selection of suitably royal themed accessories for decorating a princess style bedroom.

2. Pirate theme decor: 10 accessories for a child’s bedroom

Ahoy there, me hearties! Look no further for all your pirate themed decor.

3. Dinosaur decor: 10 dinosaur accessories for a kid’s room

If dinosaur’s rock your kids world, then check out these fab ideas.

4. Animal magic: Zoo decor for a cosy child’s bedroom

Unleash a spot of animal magic in your home, with a spot of zoo decor.

5. Clip clop: 10 ideas for a pony-themed bedroom

Saddle up and canter on, with these perfectly pony themed ideas.

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