Bathroom wonders: Gorgeous porcelain basins

If you’re looking for that one special item to transform your bathroom and provide a wow factor, then look no further than these amazing basins.

They’re all made from porcelain, and feature some amazing patterns, colours and designs, both on the outside and the inside of the basin.


Gorgeous blue and white Coralie porcelain bathroom basin

The Coralie basin features a white and blue crackle design with a swirly Oriental pattern on the outside, then leafy borders inside the bowl.


Contemporary Asian inspired multi colour porcelain bathroom basin

The Melody basin is a riot of colour. It’s got an all over (inside and out) Asian inspired design with rich russets, blues, greens and golden accents on a soft white background.

Traditional Oriental blue and white porcelain sink with a surprise twist inside!

From the outside, the Lorelei basin gives the impression of being a traditional royal blue Oriental style. But when you look inside, you’ll spot two orange and grey goldfish – the perfect unexpected twist!

All of these basins and more striking designs are available from The London Basin Company.

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