Five ways to decorate your home with Christmas wreaths

The festive season is fast approaching and we can’t help but start thinking about ways to decorate our home this year, starting with Christmas wreaths.

You can buy wreaths ready made and decorated, even fully equipped with lights, or buy a bare base and create your own. Whatever your approach, here are five ways in which you can use wreaths to decorate your home.

1. Hang a wreath on your front door

Red and green Christmas wreath for a front door

(Image via Pixabay)

For starters, there’s the classic favourite of using a decorated wreath to hang on your front door. It’s a great way of cheering up the outside of your door during the festive season and welcoming guests.

 2. Hang a wreath above your mantelpiece

Christmas wreath mantelpiece decoration

(Image via House to Home)

Don’t just give your visitors the joy of seeing your wreath – bring them inside your home too. Both fresh and artificial wreaths work well inside and it’s especially a good option for a wreath made of materials that aren’t suitable to be left outside in all weathers.

To make it easier to hang and save the need for a hook or nail, hang it on an existing picture or mirror.

3. Create a decorated wreath chandelier

How to make a Christmas wreath hanging chandelier

Liven up your ceiling decorations, by creating a decorated wreath chandelier. It sounds complicated, but it’s honestly not.

There’s a great tutorial over on the House of Fraser website, by Rohini Wahi, showing step-by-step instructions for transforming a simple wreath into a hanging chandelier.

You can also watch a short video demonstrating how it’s made:

4. Use a wreath as a base for a candle decoration

Candle and wreath table decoration

A round Christmas wreath can be used as a decorative base for a candle – just pop the candle inside the ring. Use fresh flowers or other seasonal items, such as pinecones, to liven it up and consider adding more height to the wreath to make it look fuller.

A wreath used in this way make a great centrepiece for a Christmas dining table.

5. Hang a wreath in your garden

Alternative use for a Christmas wreath - garden bird decoration

(Image via HGTV)

Wreaths don’t just have to be confined for use in your home, they can work well in your garden too.

Hang a wreath on your back fence or gate, or try something like this idea, of hanging a wreath from a tree in the garden. You could incorporate a hanging bird treat from it too, to give the birds a wintery treat.

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