Kitchen Design: Getting Ready for Christmas

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With Christmas just around the corner, many of us are already starting to plan our festive menus.

The kitchen sees a lot of life around this time of year – hearty stews bubbling away on the hob, baking cupboards laden with ingredients for mince pies and Christmas cake, and of course the Christmas Day roast dinner preparation itself – a family effort in most households.

On top of this, it’s also where many of us keep our drinks, entertain guests, stop for breakfast and catch up with family, making it the busiest place to be throughout the holiday! With this in mind, you might be considering a makeover in time for this Christmas – but where do you start?

Planning your new kitchen

There are a number of things you’ll need to do when planning a new kitchen – it requires plenty of research, and a lot of forward planning.

First, think of everything you use your kitchen for, taking Christmas into consideration, but also your day-to-day jobs like preparing vegetables, cooking weekday meals and doing the dishes. Use this list to prioritise what you want to see in your home, and what’s going to be most useful to you.

The second step is to find somebody to build the kitchen for you. Stick with a professional company and do some extensive research online – look out for independent reviews like this, which will give you an insight into the customer service offered as well as the build quality.

You’ll be working with the company from initial design to finished product, so make sure you’re happy with your final choice and don’t be afraid to change your mind!

Thinking about Christmas

While your kitchen will hopefully last you a number of years, you’re specifically designing it for Christmas, so make sure your new build takes into consideration the extra strain it’s going to be under.

Look into the kitchen work triangle types, which split your kitchen into “zones” depending on function, making the way you move around the room smooth and efficient.

This method is generally used for designing commercial catering systems, but is a fantastic way of plotting out a home kitchen while giving it a professional edge.

Above all, make sure you have room in the kitchen for the whole family to get involved. We all have foods that we associate with Christmas – your new kitchen should encourage the whole household to get involved and enjoy cooking together!

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