Chick A Dee smoke alarm

Chickadee bird design smoke alarm for your home

Bird smoke alarm

Every home should be well equipped with smoke alarms, but they’re not always the most attractive of items.

If you’re looking for a smoke alarm that serves its essential purpose, but which also adds a decorative touch, then meet the Chick a Dee smoke alarm.

Created in the shape of an American black-capped Chickadee perched on a branch, the bird smoke alarm emits an 86 decibel alarm signal if it detects any signs of smoke.

It complies with the latest smoke detector regulations and has a 1.5 year battery life, after which an alarm will sound to let you know the batter needs to be changed.

It’s nice to find a smoke alarm that’s a bit different, but still fully functional. The Chick a Dee smoke alarm is available in white, pink or black and costs £42.50 from Dutch by Design.

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