Flower bottles from Dartington Crystal

Colourful designer glass flower bottles

Daisy flower bottle

Have you seen the flower bottles collection from Dartington Crystal?

If you love coloured glass and like the idea of displaying flowers – whether single stems or several blooms – in glass bottles, then the collection is well worth a look.

We particularly love the colour and design of the turquoise daisy bottle, which is wonderfully vibrant. It has a small etched daisy flower emblem on the front of it.

The flower bottles are designed by Hilary Green and are available in a range of colours, sizes and designs. A vase on its own looks lovely on a windowsill, where the light can shine through it, but the vases would be perfect displayed in groups of three in complementary or contrasting colours.

The daisy flower bottle is £42 from Dartington Crystal.

A few of the flower bottles in the collection are being discontinued at the end of 2011, so if you’re after the plum pansy vase or grape green lily vase, snap them up while you can – they’re reduced to £26 each.

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