Lockable post box from Spotty Button

Lockable post box

Lockable post box

Most of us take it for granted that our post will drop through our letterbox with no problems. But not all houses have standard sized letterboxes, which can make post deliveries awkward.

Older or period homes, for example, may have smaller letterboxes, so post has to be squashed to get into the letter box. Some homes also have letterboxes that are low down or awkwardly positioned, which doesn’t help the situation either.

That’s where this lockable post box could come in handy. In can be positioned in a convienient spot, so it’s easy for a postman to see and deliver post without any hassle. It also locks, so your post will be safe until you empty it (this could prove useful for when you’re on holiday too).

This clay coloured lockable post box is available from Spotty Button, where it’s priced at only £16.75.

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