Spring Forward Into Cleanliness: A Fresh Take On Outdoor Spring Cleaning

As the weather warms and blossoms emerge, spring cleaning becomes an annual ritual. Not just our closets or bed frames needing our attention – our home exteriors require rejuvenation too! So grab your gloves and let’s head outside for a spring cleaning that’s less about laboriousness and more about freshness and fun!

Start at the Top With Your Roof and Gutters

House roofs
Photo by Jack Price-Burns on Unsplash

Before the showers come and drench your flowers, it’s essential that both roof and gutters are clear of debris. No one wants this task on their plate, but someone has to do it. So make it your mission: remove this unwanted clutter to protect against water damage in your home and get those gutters flowing again! Think of it like exercising for your house – trim excess to prevent bulging issues later. Services such as Mygutterclean can assist you with this important chore.

Window Washing Wonders

Your windows have long been gateways into the outside world, providing shelter against colder climates. After months of keeping out cold air, they deserve a gleaming shine. Don a pair of rubber gloves, grab your squeegee, and let the sunlight shine through crystal-clear windows. Just like giving yourself chic spectacles – everything looks better through sparkling lenses.

Siding and Brickwork: Unmask the Beauty Beneath

Row of brick built English terraced houses
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Winter can leave the exterior of your home looking worn-down and dull, but warmer weather provides the ideal opportunity to revitalise its curb appeal with a pressure wash of both siding and brickwork. Simply taking pride in what makes your abode appealing is not vanity. Rather, it shows pride for what makes the difference between its current state and one which truly sparkles with vibrancy.

Prep Your Deck or Patio

Your deck or patio serves as the backdrop to summer barbeques and spring soirees, so a thorough clean is in order. Inspect for any necessary repairs before clearing away winter debris. Sealant or stain may also help preserve and beautify this outdoor space that serves so well for making memories!

Landscape and Garden Grooming

Adding mulch to garden beds
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Don’t allow winter to overstay its welcome in your garden or yard. Now is the time to prune, plant, and pamper your greenery: trim those bushes, edge your lawn, prepare flower beds for fresh starts. Think of this outdoor space as the ultimate green room – an idyllic space that sets up summer fun perfectly.

Freshen Up Fixings – Those Details Deserve Recognition

House numbers, door handles, lighting fixtures – these small fixtures often go unnoticed by us. Yet when polished or updated properly they can make all the difference. Take this opportunity to replace any outdated hardware – those little touches make your home appear well cared-for and beautifully maintained!


Now that your list is completed and the dust motes wiped clean from your forehead, take a moment and admire what your hard work has created! Your home now echoes the vibrant beauty of spring’s arrival – setting the scene for longer days, warmer nights, and an abundance of delightful times ahead! Embark upon a season of renewal by not only tidying your sanctuary but rejuvenating yourself as well. Now your home not only reflects spring’s joy but is also an amazing testament of hard work and dedication – look! It shows what can happen!

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