Kobe dog hiking kit review: Christmas Gift Idea

Fancy going hiking with your dog? Sara Walker and Olly spaniel review the Kikkerland Kobe Travel Kit, which has all you need for a great hiking experience with your best friend.

The kit, which comes in a neat little tin, contains 3 biodegradable poop bags, 3 wet wipes, 2 paper water bowls, a collar safety light, tick removal tool with magnifier and dog travelling guide booklet.

Kikkerland dog hiking kit including poo bags, bowls, light, wipes and tick removal tools.

“I’m a bit of a sucker for anything like this. Every pocket of every coat I own is stuffed with dog biscuits, poo bags and tissues and the idea of having it all presented in a neat tin is quite alluring. Olly, my four-year-old English Springer Spaniel, and I love our walks. He’s a very active dog and loves nothing more than a good hike, complete with lots of tearing through the undergrowth. We took the tin with us on a recent holiday to France to try it out.

Olly takes a snack from the paper bowl – nom nom nom!

“The tin is small and light and fitted easily into a small rucksack along with a bottle of water. There’d be plenty of room to add extra poop bags or biscuits too if you wanted to keep everything together, with the added advantage that it’s all fairly weather-proof.

The poo bags – not much I can say about them except that they were a decent size and quality. Wet wipes are always useful!

The collar safety light was a nice touch – I don’t tend to walk much in the dark but sometimes you do get caught out and it’s only a small thing to carry for emergencies. We were in the Haute Garonne area of France, a region which does have ticks (they’re not widespread across the country). Although Olly is treated against ticks, which carry a nasty disease called piroplasmosis, I’ve often removed them to be on the safe side. I found the little metal tick tool not as precise to use as our normal hook, but it would be great to carry as an extra.

The magnifying glass was useful too, as ticks are very good at hiding!

Olly shows off his collar light.

“I think the most useful part of the kit was the paper water bowls, which were cleverly designed. I normally carry a collapsible water bowl hooked to the back of the rucksack, but there have been occasions when I’ve lost or forgotten it. In those cases, it would be great to know that I’ve got the paper ones as spares. They were easy to construct and surprisingly resilient – I think I could have used each one several times on the same walk as it was fairly robust.

“The booklet was slanted towards the US rather than the UK, but it did have some useful info in it including a packing list for holidaying with hounds.

“All in all, I thought this was a cute idea with surprisingly useful – not gimmicky – contents, and it would make a good stocking filler for a dog owner.”

The Kobe Travel Kit from Kikkerland costs £15 and is available from Art of Living.

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