Christmas gift guide: gifts for gadget lovers

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without gadgets, and we’ve tracked down our favourites for use around the home. Sleek, chic, inventive, time saving or just plain fun, you’re sure to find something to please with this top ten selection.

1. Yolk Fish egg separator, Prezzy Box

Here’s the present cooks have been waiting for. Carefully crack the egg into the bowl and the Yolk Fish’s wide mouth will suck the yolk up when you squeeze it gently. Simply move the fish over another bowl and squeeze it again to release the yolk. Cute and practical, it’s made from safe silicone and costs £8.95 from Prezzy Box.

2. Pasta server and parmesan grater, Sagaform

You’ll wonder how you ever managed without this handy little gadget. It’s an ingenious combination of pasta server, dried spaghetti portion measure and parmesan grater, and costs £10.50 from The Scandinavian Shop.

3. Rubik’s cube lamp, The Glow Company

Remember Rubik’s cubes? Nostalgic, fun and fully functional, this lamp transports you on a trip down memory lane, and lights the way too! At 12cm square, it’s slightly larger than the 1980s classic puzzle but has all the movement and challenging gameplay of the original with the added bonus of being lit from within. You can keep it on its charging base as a table lamp, remove it to solve, giving light for up to two hours at a time – what a bright idea! Available from The Glow Company, £29.95.

4. Karoto vegetable peeler, MAIDEN

You’ll have people queuing up to help in the kitchen with this giant pencil sharpener shaped vegetable peeler which you can use to peel and shape carrots, cucumbers, parsnips, courgettes and lots of other root shaped vegetables. £11, from MAIDEN.

5. Water dancing speakers, RED5

These speakers will satisfy the fussiest of gadget geeks. When the music plays the speakers come to life with jets of water illuminated by bright multi-coloured LEDs, creating a unique water show. Powered by USB or mains supply, each speaker spurts four jets of water illuminated by multi-coloured (red, blue, green, yellow) LEDs to the beat of the music. The height of water is determined by the volume and pitch of sound. £19.95, available from RED5.

6. Spoon ups, New Soda Ltd

Here’s a nice little stocking filler for the cook in your life. We’ve all had those ‘aargh!’ moments when the spoon’s disappeared into the bowl or pan as we’ve been stirring, and it’s a really messy job to retrieve it. Spoon ups retro fit your favourite round handled spoon and provide a little rest that lifts the stirring end above the worktop – simple, but brilliant! £6 for four from New Soda Ltd.

7. Star wars kitchen timer, Getting Personal

OK, we can’t pretend this one’s anything but a gimmick – but it will make you smile every time you use it. Who wouldn’t want R2D2 in their kitchen? He’s a trusted kitchen companion who’ll keep an eye on those bubbling pots and time up to 60 minutes with a turn of his head. £14.99, available from Getting Personal.

8. Lobby phone, Wild and Wolf

Bring some retro style to the home or office with this striking chrome 1930s desk telephone. For this updated classic, the original rotary dial has been replaced with a modern push-button dial on a similar circular disc and it also has redial, earpiece volume control, and ringer on/off features. Was £64 now £45 from Red Candy.

9. Yellow submarine tea infuser, MAIDEN

This dinky little product is obviously inspired by the Beatles’ classic song and is sure to liven up your morning cuppa. Just fill it with loose tea leaves and let it dive to the bottom of your cup. £11 from MAIDEN. 

10. iTap charger, Prezzy Box

Don’t let your battery drain out – top it up with this charger shaped like a tap. Just plug it into a socket, then plug your phone into the tap.  The tap can be turned on and off, changing the light from red to blue as your phone charges. £19.95 from Prezzy Box.

By Sara Walker

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