The cosiest ways to light up your home for winter

How to make your home cosy with lighting

Now that we’re back to darker winter evenings and less natural light, it’s more important to think about ways to cosy up our home with lighting. There are plenty of great lighting ideas available from Lampcommerce to help light up your home for winter. Here are some practical ideas for tackling winter light issues in different rooms of your home.

Dining room

Stunning fairy pendant light

Whether you’re eating family meals around your dining table, or hosting a dinner party, good lighting can make a huge difference.

Big, bold statement lights that are hung over the dining table help provide light where you need it most, plus they make a statement in their own right. The Skin 70 SP hanging lamp is a good example of a light that meets this task perfectly and will help light up your dining room in style.

Living room

Add light and colour to cosy up your living room

In the living room there are various options available for adding light. For starters, one large light in the middle of the room can make a statement as you walk through the door. Or, if the room is large, a ceiling light at either end can ensure that the lighting in the room is balanced.

As well as adding a cosy feel into a room, the right lighting can also add a sense of warmth too. The Spillray hanging lamp, designed by Manuel Vivian for the brand Axo Light, is an excellent example of this.

It’s a gorgeous design that naturally draws the eye towards it and the orange shade is a lovely warming colour. The design of this piece can also be customised, which is great for creating a personal look.


Luna moon style wall lights

Make your bedroom¬† a cosy zone that you’ll love being in with the use of well chosen lighting. A glaring overhead light can be too bright for a bedroom and certainly not help if you’re trying to create a romantic mood. Instead, opt for some softer lighting in the form of an uplighter, unusual wall lights or some stylish bedside lamps.

To help create a romantic mood in your bedroom, or simply pretty it up, consider adding a string of fairy lights around the mirror, ¬†window or even your bed. They’re certainly not a form of lights to only use at Christmas – they work all year round and there are some lovely decorative options available.


Brighten up your desk with a yellow lamp

If you’ve got a study or home office, or simply an area of another room where you have a desk, task lighting is important. The right level of lighting can help reduce the risk of eye strain, especially when you’re using a computer or your kid’s are doing their homework.

A solid and sturdy desk lamp which you can angle and move to the exact position you want is ideal. If you like a traditional style, you could have a bankers lamp. Or for a more contemporary look, consider using an oversized desk-style floor lamp.


Wall lighting ideas to cosy up your home

The right lighting is essential for your bathroom too. For anyone wanting to use the mirror for shaving in the morning or putting make-up on, having the right light can help the task become a lot easier (and ensure you shave or add makeup the right areas!).

The bathroom can be a place to relax and unwind, so a harsh ceiling light isn’t appropriate all the time. If you like relaxing in a bath in the evening and want the room to feel cosy, then try adding a dimmer switch so you can create mood lighting.


How to use lighting to make your home cosy

Finally, don’t forget to consider the light in your hallway or entrance. It’s the first place visitors to your home will see, so make a good impression by making it seem light, bright and inviting.

Consider adding an overhead pendant light in a complementary colour to your decor. Or go all out with making a big first impression with a bold coloured light or chandelier.

(Collaborative post / Images courtesy of LampCommerce)

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