Home Revamp Tips: Jobs To Take On This Summer

Summer’s knocking, and isn’t it just the perfect excuse to sprinkle a little magic over our homes? With all that extra daylight that’s coming our way, we’ve got more hours to admire (or critique) our living spaces. So, why not make them spaces you absolutely adore? Whether you’re eyeing a full-on transformation or just a pinch of pzazz, we’ve got some cosy, yet effective, tips to share. Let’s get going, shall we?

Decluttering: Your New Go-To

First off, let’s talk about all that clutter. It’s like background noise, right? Always there, subtly cramping your home’s style. So, how about we tackle it head-on this summer? Dive into the drawers, closets, and corners. It’s amazing how much space you’ll find once you declutter. Plus, it feels incredibly refreshing. After you’ve sifted through the pile, organising your space will feel like a breeze. And suddenly, your home starts to feel more like the haven it’s meant to be.

A Dash Of Colour: Refresh Your Walls

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Now, onto the walls. Trust us, nothing screams transformation like a fresh coat of paint. Summer light is the ultimate truth serum for your walls, revealing every scuff, mark, and outdated colour. Why not go for light, airy shades that make your room feel like a summer day, all year round? Or maybe a bold feature wall that says, “Look at me!” Whatever tickles your fancy, painting is your ticket to a major mood boost for your home.

The Garden Glow-Up

Oh, the garden! Your very own slice of the great outdoors. Let’s make it shine, shall we? Kick things off with a little weeding and pruning – think of it as a spa day for your garden. Feeling ambitious? How about adding a cosy patio or a deck? Imagine the BBQs and lazy evenings under the stars. And plants! The more, the merrier. They add life, colour, and a touch of whimsy to your outdoor space. And for all your home gardening DIY goodies, take a look at the HSS buy page. They’ve got everything you could possibly need and even more. 

Fab Floors

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Floors, the real heroes of our homes, often overlooked yet always underfoot. Summer is your chance to give them some love. Whether it’s a deep clean, a polish, or even a new rug, changing up your floors can transform the vibe of your entire home. It’s a little like giving your space a new foundation to stand on.

The Devil’s In The Details: Fixtures And Fittings

Let’s not underestimate the little things. Switching up door handles, taps, or light fixtures can seriously upscale your home’s look with minimal effort. These small changes pack a punch and are a super easy way to add a dash of modern chic without breaking the bank.

Outdoor Living: Your Summer Lounge

This looks like a lovely comfortable spot to enjoy in a garden
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Creating a little nook in your garden or balcony can extend your living space into the great outdoors. Think cosy seating, twinkling lights, and perhaps a fire pit for those chillier evenings. It’s all about creating that perfect spot for summer chilling, entertaining, or just being.

Concluding Thoughts

Revamping your home this summer can be a joyous journey. From decluttering to painting, gardening to updating fixtures, every step you take makes your space more uniquely you. Remember, the goal is to create a home that smiles back at you, making every day feel like summer. 

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