How To Make Your Radiators Match Your Décor

Whether you’ve just moved into a house that’s in desperate need of renovation or you’re changing your interior style, radiators are worth paying attention to. 

If they’re the wrong shape or take up too much space in a room, radiators limit your options. Or, if they’re painted an unattractive colour, they can become a focal point for all the wrong reasons! 

There’s no avoiding this conundrum, so it’s worth finding out how to make your radiators match your décor. In this guide, we’ve explained just how you can do it.

Interior design: How to make your radiators look better

Here are some practical ideas and how you could make your existing radiators look better and more cohesive in your interior design scheme.

1. Use radiator covers

Fretwork radiator cover. Credit:

A stylish way to finish your interior, opting for radiator covers keeps hassle to a minimum. Instead of the time-consuming and sometimes costly process of ripping out the old radiators and installing new ones, you can simply buy a cover and transform the aesthetic of the room. 

There are so many styles and materials to choose from, so you won’t struggle to find one that fits with your décor. You could also paint one if you’ve found the right style in the wrong colour.

From traditional wooden styles to those with handy magnetic covers, the options give you scope and flexibility. It’s the most sustainable home upgrade choice to make if there’s no need to replace your existing radiators.

2. Choose new radiators

Vertical radiators look great used in kitchens and living rooms
Vertical radiator. Credit: Shutterstock

Not all radiators need to be uniform. 

Why not strike a contrast with an unexpected shape or style in your home? For example, vertical radiators make a modern and sleek addition to any room in the house, including the kitchen. In the bathroom, towel rails can also be installed vertically or in front of an existing radiator for a more traditional aesthetic.         

Restyling your radiators might be slightly more expensive than other options, but it’s the best approach for renovation projects with faulty, inefficient, or rusty radiators.                                   

3. Add your own style

Funky purple radiator. Credit:

You might be surprised to see just how much difference a fresh coat of paint could make. Whether you paint it to match the walls or strike a magnificent contrast with the colour theme, you can be guided by your creative freedom. 

If you’ve got a chunky Victorian radiator that you can’t paint, you can still decorate it in other ways. Make it multipurpose by learning how to install a floating shelf or pelmet above it. This is a fantastic way to transform dead space around a radiator into something truly useful – and add a bit of character, too.

4. Make a cosy corner


Lastly, if there’s nothing you can do about the appearance or location of your radiator, it’s worth making the most of it. If it’s in a cosy nook or next to the stairs, for example, you could add bench seating and bookshelves to create your new cosy reading nook.

Bench seating is a brilliant way to cover up an unsightly radiator, but you and your guests will certainly appreciate the extra warmth it throws in your direction. You don’t need to see a radiator to feel its warmth, if it’s not totally covered or obstructed – so why not get creative?

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