How To Attract Birds To Your Garden

Birds are absolutely gorgeous and such a delight to just sit and watch; they can even help to lower your blood pressure and de-stress you. Plus, they’re useful when it comes to pest control and even pollination, so we really do need them around. So it makes sense to try to attract them to your garden as much as possible, but it’s not always easy to know how to do it. With that in mind, here are some of the best ways to attract birds to your garden. Read on to find out more. 

Give Them Food

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One of the most important elements of attracting birds to your garden is to make sure there’s plenty of food there for them – if there isn’t, they’ll go somewhere else where they can get more to eat.

Bird feeds are a great place to start, and you can get different feeders to attract different types of birds (and the more species of birds you have, the better, as they’ll do different things and eat all the bugs).

Tube feeders are fantastic for smaller birds, and platform feeders are good for larger birds, for example, so it’s wise to have a wide range. Plus, have different food, from bird seed to suet so you can attract many different types. You might also want to take a look at installing garden awnings and canopies so that some of the feeders can keep dry when it rains, and the birds will have somewhere safe to gather. 

Fresh Water Source 

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Birds don’t just need food; they need water for drinking (and bathing) too. That’s why, if you want to attract more birds to your garden, you need to have some kind of fresh water source to entice them to land. 

If you install a birdbath or a small water feature in your garden, you’ll be surprised at how many birds stop by and enjoy it, whether it’s to have a drink or to take a dip. Remember, though, that just filling these things with water once and leaving it isn’t enough; you’ll need to make sure the water is changed regularly so it’s as fresh as possible. Plus, add some pebbles so the birds have something to step on, as it makes it safer, and more will want to use it. 

Native Plants And Flowers

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Native plants are always the best choice because they’re much more likely to grow and thrive – they’re used to the soil and weather conditions, and they’ll be a lot more tolerant of these things (or even find them advantageous). 
Not only are these plants a lot less work than others would be because they can take better care of themselves without too much help, but they’re also best for attracting native birds because they’re the ideal food source when it comes to seeds, nectar, and even insects. Choose a good mix of flowers and shrubs (and even some trees if you have space) so that there’s a constant source of food, and the birds will love it.

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