Getting More Light Into Your Garden The Easy Way

If you are looking to try and make your garden healthier and happier, and a much nicer place to be, then you’ll have to focus on a few key things. One of them that you will need to think about is the light levels in the garden, because this affects pretty much everything that happens in that space. In general, you will want to have enough light for your plants to be healthy, while also having a little shade for some of them, as well as for yourself as somewhere to rest. So here are some ways you can get a little more light in your garden easily.

Paint The Walls or Fences A Light Hue

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First of all, any walls that you have facing the garden, you will probably want to make sure that they are white or as light and bright as possible. This really makes a huge difference, and it helps to ensure that you have a lot more light reflected into your garden overall. It’s amazing how much this can help, so it’s a really simple thing that you should certainly aim to do if you have the opportunity. This includes the back wall of your house, as well as any shed walls and so on too. If you have fences surrounding your garden, consider painting them too.

Use Plants To Bring Out Light

You can also use plants in such a way as to bring out some of the natural lightness that you are looking for, and this can be a really effective way to make sure that you are getting much more light into the garden as a whole. For instance, if you have lots of brighter, white-colored flowers in the garden, that is bound to make a difference to how bright it is on the whole, so that is something that you should certainly think about here. You will find it really helps a lot.

Cut Back Larger Plants

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If you do have any larger plants such as perennials or trees, then you might want to make sure that you are keeping on top of how much they are crowding over other plants, and over the garden as a whole. Often it is surprising how much it can help to just get some tree lopping done, so that you can have more sunlight entering naturally from above. It really can help your garden to have a lot more brightness and light in it on the whole.

Add a mirror

A very modern twist in the garden is to use mirrors. As well as creating a sense of space, it also reflects the light that is naturally occurring, and encourages a brighter feeling throughout the home as a result. So if you are keen on really creating this effect as well as you can, you will probably find that using a mirror or two could be a very powerful way to do just that, and it could prove to be exactly what your garden was missing.

Those are just some of the great ways to get a little more light in your garden. Do you have any more? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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