Keep Your Car Safe when You Don’t Have a Garage

Not all of us have a garage. And even if you do, like 50% of garage owners, you may not use it for your vehicle. So, as spring approaches and crime rises, here’s how to keep your car safe.

Park Your Car in a Covered Place

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When things fall on your car, they can damage the paint and block the air vents. So look for places to park that are covered, like a flyover carport or a covered extension. This can protect you from some of the weather. Try not to park under trees, though. Repairing paint damaged by falling leaves, twigs, and even bird droppings will cost a lot. Additionally, when the wind picks up during a spring storm, branches could also hit your car, causing costly damage.

Use a Fabric Car Cover

In addition to keeping your car safe from the weather, a simple car cover can also be a good way to protect it. A good cover can stand up to the sun, rain, and snow. It can also protect your car from scratches, bird droppings, and other kinds of damage, just like a carport. A cover can also keep your car from getting sun damage. When UV rays get stronger, they can fade the paint and cause the dashboard and other plastic parts to crack, which can be expensive.

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Keep Your Car Safe with a Steering Wheel Lock

Like home security, car security is vital. Don’t make it easy for thieves to get their hands on yours. Many newer models have great anti-theft systems built in. But if your steering wheel is locked, it will be harder for thieves to take your car. If it is hard for a thief to get into your car, they are likely to give up before they are caught. When you use one, make sure to lock it tightly onto the steering wheel. This will make it harder for a thief to get the lock off the car and steal it.

Always Arm the Vehicle Alarm

Making it hard to steal your car is a great way to keep thieves away. And a key tool for this is an alarm. An alarm system can keep people from breaking into your car and let you know if someone tries to do so. If someone tries to break into the car or mess with it in any way, the alarm system will make a loud noise and flash the lights. Modern alarm systems may also work with your smartphone, so you can check on the safety of your car from anywhere.

Track Your Car with GPS

Even if you are careful, someone who knows what they are doing and is determined enough could steal your car. Some of them are pros who use hacking software to get into brand-new, high-end cars. You still might be able to get your car back, though. If your car is stolen, using your cctv installation and GPS tracker can help you find it. You will be able to witness what went on and call the police right away. Then, you can track the car. Also, some security services let you disable your car from a distance, so it could be worth the investment as an additional feature.


Although it helps, you don’t need a garage to keep your car safe from the weather and thieves. You can park in a covered area, use a steering wheel lock, and always arm the alarm system.

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