Getting Used To Being A Homeowner: Our Friendly Tips

If you’ve become a homeowner in the last couple months, there’s a good chance you’re feeling the pressure about now. A lot of new responsibilities on your plate, a lot of financial demands to keep track of, and who knows if your DIY skills are even up to scratch? It’s a lot to handle! So here’s a little advice to keep in mind about being a homeowner. You’ve got a house all to yourself (finally!), so let’s not let the happy moment be ruined! 

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Go Gentle on Your Budget

The budget you have right now is going to be thin on the ground, even with a good savings pot. After all, you’ve got a 20+ year long mortgage to face down, you might have taken time off work to get the house ready, and that electricity bill seems to be getting higher all the time. 

You’ve got little money and need time to build them back up, so go gentle here. Buy second hand, see if any friends can donate unwanted items, and even wait a few weeks to buy certain things. That armchair that just completes the living room isn’t going anywhere! 

You’ll Need Some DIY Skills

Yes, you really will need them, even when you find it hard to work out which is the right end of a hammer! Find some time to do some research and train yourself up in the art of DIY; when you know how to use a plumber’s snake or pull up floorboards or the reasons to use copper instead of other metals in your projects, you’ll feel much more secure in your place as a homeowner. You certainly won’t need to call in your dad to fix everything for you! 

Trying to Remodel Everything Will Be Hard

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If you’re keen on remodelling a couple rooms in your home, like the kitchen and bathroom, try to contain that eagerness to those two rooms alone. Because it’s going to be hard to remodel every other room in your home as soon as you’ve moved in, and it’ll remain that way for a while. 

You have no budget right now, you’re already pushed for time with moving in, and finding reliable contractors is a lengthy process itself. So give yourself a wider window for any big renovations; you may not like the look, but your new home will do just fine being a bit bare for the foreseeable future. 

Simply Take Your Time 

It’s something you might not have heard yet, but it’s definitely the one tip to keep in mind. When you’ve got a whole new home to take charge of, that you might not have finished decorating yet, take your time. Don’t rush into decor or furniture decisions, and don’t allow yourself to be pressured into anything by any surveyors, contractors, or repair people you’ve hired. 

Take time to enjoy the feeling of owning your own home and rest assured that, over time, you’ll be able to transform it in the way you desire.

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