Selling Your Property? 4 Things You Can Do That Add Value To Your Garden

Selling your home can be a tricky ordeal, especially during times of global crisis.

However, one agreed upon consensus is that making your garden look nice can help you to sell your property, so this could be an area of focus that’s worthy of your time if you’re looking to sell. Still, it’s a tall order for many people, and gardens aren’t easy to reign in and make pretty and practical – especially when they’ve been neglected for a long period of time.

You need to do more than just mow the lawn here. There is much work to be done, but first, you may need some inspiration to get the ball rolling.

Here are four things you can do to add value to your garden.

Strive for Perfection

Gorgeous pink tree blossom in a spring garden

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Many homeowners are under significant pressure in their personal and professional lives and don’t have the time to perfect every meticulous detail of their garden. Additionally, some people love some light gardening to pass the time but lack the expertise to make mind-blowing projects come to fruition.

If that’s you, then it’s important to understand that help is most certainly to hand here. You can utilise the services of expert landscape gardeners such as Fortunate Landscapes, to support you in your gardening ambitions. Outsourcing tasks such as patio and deck cleaning, winter gritting and other garden maintenance can help take the strain off you.

Even if you’re not strapped for time, using these services can very much work in your favour. Unless you’re a professional gardener yourself, then chances are expert services will have a greater degree of finesse in their work. Ultimately, seasoned veterans of the gardening world will help you perfect the look and feel of your garden.

Use Quality Materials

Pretty garden or backyard idea

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Flimsy materials don’t impress anybody, whether it’s in the build of a house or the creation of a garden area. Savvy viewers can spot potential in shoddy circumstances, buy the property cheap, and do it up themselves. As the seller, you will have missed a big opportunity to make some money.

Fencing, decking, paving, walls, and gates can all add value. However, they should be fashioned out of the finest quality materials available to maximise the increase in value. For fences this might mean using cedar or redwood, and for paving crushed limestone can add some appeal also. The trick is in making your garden look as pristine and polished as possible, and you can’t really achieve that with sub-standard materials.

Cheaper materials will communicate past neglect and apathy, which can be a turn-off for potential buyers. However, quality materials demonstrate that the current or previous owners believed in the property. That positive, hopeful energy can be inherited from owner to owner, instilling confidence and giving potential buyers a final push to purchase on a subconscious level.

Grow Fruits and Vegetables

Home grown courgettes ready to be picked

Photo by Kelly Neil on Unsplash

When potential buyers come to view the property, they like to see spaces that surprise or have multi-purpose capabilities. This can spur on their own sense of creativity, as they imagine what they too might do with the area.

For example, many people have begun to grow their own vegetables in recent times, taking up new hobbies in a bid to become more self-sufficient. Whose to say potential buyers won’t be among that number already? Showing that the garden space can accommodate people’s hobbies could be a highly appealing factor in the selling of your property.

Even if potential buyers aren’t particularly interested in growing fruit and vegetables, they will at least see that the garden area can be used for a dynamic range of purposes beyond the usual like sunbathing, hanging washing, or planting flowers. Perhaps they won’t follow your example, but the impression of a productive, lived-in garden space will still be sure to make an impact.

Include Storage Options

People are desperate for more storage these days, especially when they’re leading practical and busy lives. There’s never enough room to stash away important belongings… or is there?

A garden is a space that’s ripe for the inclusion of additional storage. It has often been said that humble garden sheds can add some value to a garden, so a quality investment here could make all the difference. Its not wise to arrange your garden in a fashion that goes against the national mood, so following existing trends is a sure-fire plan to maximise appeal.

Whether it’s for stashing tools, vehicles, or for setting up the eventual conversion into a work/study area, a shed is yet another feature that opens the garden for multi-purpose usage. Its inclusion shows that the garden can accommodate people’s various ways of life. There’s so much you can do in that smaller space, and that fact is not lost on potential buyers. They’ll have plans for it as soon as they see it!

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