How to Transform Your Garden into a Family-Friendly Outdoor Space

Do you find it a real struggle to get your kids outdoors to play and get some fresh air? Does it seem like they’d be happier indoors, plonked in front of the television or their videogames? While there is certainly a time and place for those digital devices, getting outdoor time is also very important to their mental and physical wellbeing. At the same time, it can be easy to want to give in when it becomes a fight just to get them out the door.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with some fabulous tips on how you can transform your garden into a family-friendly outdoor space that actually makes them want to go outdoors – whatever the time of year.

Make your outdoor space perfect for using in all weathers by creating areas of shade

Image by Barry D from Pixabay

Create a Comfortable Seating Area with Shade

Spending time outdoors is a lot more inviting if there is a comfortable place to sit and relax – ideally, a place that also provides some shade. A great option is an aluminium pergola or a retractable roof pergola from a company like Nationwide Home Innovations. This option checks off two important factors – it gives that defined area to sit and relax, and yet it looks beautiful in your garden. There are also the louvred patio roof options which can look quite elegant in your outdoor space. Nationwide are known for their beautiful bespoke louvre patio roof and aluminium patio cover options, and they suggest homeowners take a tailor-made approach. This allows them to customise a solution that fits their specific needs, size requirements, and of course their styles.

This area can work as the perfect spot to put a table and chairs where you can encourage the family to enjoy some outdoor dining when the weather permits.

Provide Them with Outdoor Activities

A trampoline in the garden is a good way to encourage kids outside for exercise

Image by kamazoo from Pixabay

It’s also important to give kids a selection of outdoor activities. Simply telling them go outside and “find something to do” is just going to lead to complaining and fighting. If, however, you’ve already set up or created that “something to do”, suddenly they have a real reason to go outside.

As for what activities to put outside, this really comes down to the age of your child and their interests. For example, younger kids can enjoy things like a sandbox, a swing set, and any type of fun water toys. If you have older kids, then you may want to think about things like a badminton net, croquet, bocce ball, or even a big investment like a pool.

Don’t Forget an Exterior Lighting Plan

Let’s also remember that outdoor time doesn’t just have to happen during the day; the early evening hours can still be great for outdoor play time. This is why it’s a good idea to also factor in an exterior lighting plan. You want to be sure they can still sit outdoors, play a puzzle at the patio table, or just relax in the cooler evening air.

By using these tips, you’ll be able to transform your garden into a space that the whole family will enjoy and actually want to make use of.

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