Marley’s Monsters reusable sandwich wraps for eco picnics

Many of us are rediscovering the joys of picnicking at the moment. Whether you’re setting off for the day with the family or cycling to your local park for a change of scene, then taking your own provisions is currently the way to go! That’s why we were pleased to be asked to try these reusable, eco-friendly sandwich wraps, handmade in the USA by Marley’s Monsters and retailed in the UK by Live in the Light. Live in the Light is an online natural and organic lifestyle retailer, and sells a range of chemical-free skincare and other products. Our tester was Sara Walker.

Marley's Monsters make reusable sandwich wraps which are ideal for eco friendly summer picnics

About the reusable sandwich wraps

The Marley’s Monsters reusable sandwich wraps, £12.25 each, have a 100% cotton flannel outer layer and a food-grade, waterproof PUL lining and cotton twill cords for wrapping. Each sandwich wrap measures approximately 14″ x 14″ with two sewn-in 18″ straps. They advise that they can be machine washed in cold water with like colours and tumble dried on low for best results.

What we thought about Marley’s Monsters reusable sandwich wraps

“I really liked the idea of the Marley’s Monsters reusable sandwich wraps. I normally wrap sandwiches in aluminium foil, but in order to make sure the foil is recycled you have to bring it home, rinse it off and store it until you’ve got enough to recycle – not the most straightforward procedure. We’re eating a lot of picnics at the moment, and as they generally form part of a walk I need to pack robust sandwiches rather than delicate little pastry things!

“The Marley’s Monsters reusable sandwich wraps arrived promptly, and were packed in an eco-friendly cardboard envelope. I gave them a quick rinse through before the first use, and the dye did come out of one a little, so I’d recommend washing them with like colours or on their own for the first few times.

The wraps are a very good size, and easily accommodated a sandwich. I could have put more in if I’d wanted to. I liked the fact that with different designs available each member of the family can have their own, so you instantly know whose sandwich is which – handy if everyone is having different things! My other half liked the fact that as the wrap is so big it doubles as a napkin and really covers your knees when you’re eating.

I was a bit worried that the seal wouldn’t be good enough to stop the food drying out on the journey, but that didn’t seem to be the case. I made the sandwiches at around 9.30am and we didn’t eat until just before 1pm, and the food was just the same as if I’d wrapped it in foil. The wraps are simple to use, just plonk the sandwich in the middle, fold in the sides and tie it all in place with the tapes. The wrap also helped to protect the sandwiches more than foil would, so there’s no chance of punctures in the rucksack!

Marley's Monsters reusable sandwich wraps reviewed on Cosy Home Blog

“When we’d finished for the day,  I handwashed the Marley’s Monsters reusable sandwich wraps in the sink (the manufacturer recommends a cold machine wash.) They washed really easily, despite the fact that I’d used vibrant orange mango chutney in the sandwich fillings! I hung them up overnight over the AGA and they were ready to go again in the morning.

“I think these wraps are quite expensive, but they are handmade and great quality. I imagine they’re going to last for a long time, and I actually found them more convenient than using foil as well as the environmental factor. I’d recommend these for families or anyone who regularly eats their lunch on the hoof. You can find out more at Live in the Light.”

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