Garden wall art ideas to brighten your garden

During the winter months, when the last of the flowers have faded and the leaves have fallen, everything in the garden can look a bit bare and uninspired. This year we’re planning to be proactive and install some wall art in our garden so we’ll have something nice to look at once the usual growth has started to hibernate. Fancy doing the same? Here are are some practical ideas for inspiring garden wall art.

“Garden wall art” can mean anything you like! It can mean lighting, sculptures, mirrors, pictures, plant trellis and more. There’s a vast range to choose from, and you can get creative and make your own, as well.

First, pick your spot. You don’t absolutely have to have an actual wall, just a vertical surface – the side of a shed, a fence or a tree would all work. If you need to get any electricity or water to your wall art, that needs to be taken into account.

Now, the fun bit – deciding what to have! If you’re planning to leave your garden wall art out all year round, you need to pick something really robust that won’t fade, flake or crack. This probably rules out anything made of glass, unprotected wood or fabric, and could also rule out terracotta – check the instructions when you buy. Anything made of metal will rust over time, but this can look attractive. Bringing metal wall art in every so often and giving it a quick coat of paint or varnish will help to extend its life.

Make sure everything you hang is securely fixed to the wall and out of reach of young children or pets.

Rustic metal bee wall art, The Farthing

Rustic metal bee garden wall art idea

Rustic metal bee wall art, The Farthing

Made from metal with an oxidised finish, this bee decoration will continue to weather when left outdoors, enhancing its appearance and adding to its charm. £8.99, available from The Farthing.

LoveBats upcycled copper sculpture, Michael Kusz

Super quirky garden wall art idea made from upcycled materials

LoveBats upcycled copper sculpture, Michael Kusz

Aren’t these irresistible? We love the fact that they’re upcycled, as well. Made from up-cycled copper, these handmade sculptures come in a wide variety of different colours.  The bat’s feet can be hooked over any suitable perch, and feature holes for secure attachment. There is also a keyway slot in the back for wall mounting. Suitable for display indoors or outside – but will be subject to colour change due to weathering if displayed outside, which will give them a greenish-grey look. £165, available from Sable & Ox. These sculptures can be customised to your requirements, and are also available as a single bat.

Seasons stone wall plaques, Haddonstone

Classical style garden wall art idea

Seasons stone wall plaques, Haddonstone

If you like a very traditional look, then these classically-inspired plaques could prove a good focal point for your garden. The plaques depict the four seasons with garlands of flowers, sheaves of corn, cornucopia of fruit and fire and ice.  They cost £199 for a single plaque, available from Haddonstone.

Bird house, Orla Kiely

Designer bird house in an Orla Kiely print

Bird house in orange and brown Sixties Stem print, Orla Kiely

This engraved wood Sixties Stem bird house with contrast orange roof is a work of art in its own right. It has a cleaning hatch and hanging attachment, and would be best placed in a sheltered place such as on a tree or in the middle of a climbing wall plant. Was £34.95, now £25.95, available from Annabel James.

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