How to Create the Perfect Traditional Country Kitchen

For a few years now, modern minimalism has been taking over our homes and, in particular, our kitchens. There’s no doubt that the trend right now is for sleek design and futuristic appliances. But, you don’t always have to follow the crowd. For some people, this kind of style is exactly what they’re looking for, whilst some of us prefer to keep things a little more cosy.

A traditional country kitchen is the polar opposite to modern design, and has that homely feeling a lot of us crave. So, why not ditch the clean lines and opt for something a little more rustic? Here’s how you can easily turn your kitchen into a room fit for a country home.

Opt for Wood

Reclaimed wooden shelves make a great addition to a country style kitchen

In modern kitchens, you’ll find a whole lot of metal, plastic, and vinyl, but these just don’t fit in with country kitchens. Instead, switch up these contemporary choices for good old-fashioned wood – it’s more environmentally friendly if done right, too!

From your flooring to your cupboards, the more the wood the better in our opinion. You can even choose repurposed wood instead of buying brand new, making an eco-friendly kitchen with that slightly worn look that works wonderfully in rustic homes.

Switch to a Butler Sink

A butler sink both looks great and is very practical, making it a great addition to your kitchen. They’ve been used for hundreds of years and are typical of traditional country homes, with a boxy shape that’s very vintage.

They’re bigger than modern sinks too, making them great for washing up! Head to an architectural salvage dealer to see if you can find an authentic piece and pair with gorgeous vintage taps for a look that simply can’t be beaten.

Rustic Appliances and Storage

Classic country chic kitchen style

If you want to create a true traditional country kitchen, it all comes down to the little details. It’s all well and good having the base, but if you fill it with modern appliances the final look just isn’t the same.

Instead, opt for vintage storage, such as glass jars, wooden boxes, and wicker baskets, as well as appliances with an older look. Pick sturdier pots and pans made from cast iron for the finishing touch.

Hide Modern Appliances

Of course, not all of your kitchen can be filled with vintage appliances – sometimes the modern-day items are unavoidable. For example, kitchens and washing machines are a must in every home, but they don’t exactly fit in with the country look! So, hide them away by creating cupboards around them with doors that close so you only have to see them when you’re using them.

For modern kitchen items that you can’t or don’t want to switch up, such as digital scales or blenders, keep these hidden in your normal cupboard units rather than leaving them out on display. Having all of these contemporary objects out in the open is a sure way to ruin the traditional country kitchen vibe!

Keep Things Natural

Another detail you should look at is keeping to more natural accessories, such as linen or cotton table and drying cloths. You can also switch up modern washing up scrubbers for natural sponges, and opt for simple chalk boards rather than dry-wipe boards. Keep patterns minimal and colours neutral on these items for a truly traditional look.

Make the Range Cooker the Centre of Attention

A range cooker is a perfect kitchen centrepiece for a traditional country kitchen

No country kitchen is complete without a range cooker, and that’s just a fact. They become the heart of the room, giving that cosy feeling and adding a definite rustic feel that brings the whole theme together.

Whether you’re cooking up a Sunday roast for all the family or baking a tasty loaf of bread, there’s nothing quite like rustling up your food on a range cooker! These days, you can opt for electric, gas, or dual fuel cookers too, making them super easy to use.

Now that you’ve got all you need to make your own traditional country kitchen, what are you waiting for? We think this style is far more unique than the sleek, modern aesthetic that seems to be everywhere these days, and adds a much more warm feeling to a home.

Just remember, wherever you can get your vintage items second-hand rather than brand new, definitely do so! It’s better for the environment and far more authentic.

This article was contributed by Matthew Bates, founder of UK-based Aga range cooker experts Blake & Bull. They specialise in range cooker conversions and refurbishment as well as handy accessories for range cookers.

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