How to dress your windows to inspire a cosy feeling at home

Whether your windows are Bay or Straight, French or Sliding, ensuring that you dress them appropriately can have a huge impact on the feeling of a space. Whilst windows may not always come to mind as the upmost focal point of a room, they’re a necessary entity, so it’s sensible to include them within your home interior designs, in order to create a seamless theme throughout the entire home.

In my eyes, utilising your windows to the fullest can completely change the atmosphere within a room, and being able to layer fabrics and soft furnishings can provide a cosy ambience in even the coolest of homes. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to dressing your windows (with so many different options it can be difficult to know where to even begin!), here are some top tips to get you started.

Practical tips and ideas for dressing the windows in your cosy home

Assess your window type

Before you go head over heels and dive into the world of plush fabrics, tie backs and poles, it’s important to work out exactly what type of windows you have. Whilst straight windows are the easiest windows to dress thanks to their option flexibility, certain other types of windows can be more complicated. For example, bay windows could need to be treated with curved treatments and sliding windows may have logistical issues depending on the placement of your curtains or blinds. By assessing your window type, you can be sure to purchase the correct products, and avoid any issues long term, and if you’re unsure which type of window you have, or how to treat your specific window, Terrys Fabrics have a great range of online guides to follow, full of advice and tips on how to dress the many variations on offer.

If you're keen to create a cosy home, then pay attention to the soft furnishings and your choice of curtains

Consider how you will be using the room itself

When choosing your window furnishings, you may well want to consider what the room itself is going to be used for. In the bedroom, the curtains and blinds are most likely going to be used for sleep, which requires an element of darkness, therefore blackout variations could be a sensible option. Similarly, bathroom window treatments are used most readily for privacy, so you’re going to want to choose something that can provide this.

How to choose the right blinds or curtains for your cosy home

Choose a theme

Just like you wouldn’t wear 3 different patterns on your clothes (unless you’re a lot bolder than me of course!) you’re going to want to pick a theme for your curtains, something that compliments the overall theme of the room in question. It’s at this point that you need to decide if you want to utilise your windows as the focal point of the room, or to blend in without drawing too much attention. If you’re going more with the drawing focus route, you may want to consider a bold colour or vibrant pattern. Alternatively, if you’re wanting your windows to simply complement the room, stick to a neutral colour scheme and plain treatments rather than patterned.

Choosing a theme or colour scheme first can make it easier to choose the right curtains or blinds for your cosy home

Layer up

To induce the cosy atmosphere we’re hoping for here, layering up your fabrics and window dressings is a great way to add texture to the home. Start with your lighter option, whether it’s a voile curtain or a venetian blind, something that offers an element of privacy whilst also supplying an abundance of light into the room. Next, layer up some quality curtains or drapes, to add a little pattern and personality to the space. Whilst decorative in nature, curtains can also filter light, adding to the overall cosiness of the home.

Useful tips and ideas for choosing the most appropriate window dressings to create a cosy home

Add Accessories

When the basics have been implemented, it’s time to think about additional accessories. It’s worth considering using a pelmet to add to the character of the window, tasselled or patterned tie backs or swathes of voile to add to the textures being used. By getting creative with your window accessories, you can transform your space into something seriously special, and add those all important personal touches to your home.

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