5 Easy Steps to a Clutter Free Garage

Tip and ideas for organising your garage

With summer well on its way, now is the perfect opportunity to declutter and reorganise your garage. Spring has long been representative of a fresh start, so it makes total and complete sense as to why spring cleaning is so popular around this time. Garages can be such a useful storage space, especially if you are short on space within the home, but they can become so easily over cluttered to the point where you’re struggling to find anything.

If you want to dig out the bikes or gardening equipment that has long been stashed in your garage for safe keeping, it may seem like a daunting task at first, but you’ll be so grateful once your decluttering mission is complete and have a garage space to be proud of! Starting with a plan in mind is the best way forward, not only will you be more focused, the plan should also make the process more manageable. Here we outline five top tips for tackling the garage once and for all.

1. Remove the biggest items first

This includes things such as a car, bikes, a lawnmower or any other large equipment taking up a lot of space. By removing everything first you can see how much space you’re working with. If you have enough space, and patience, it is a good idea to remove absolutely everything and put each item in your garden or on the driveway. This way you can have a dedicated “stuff” area, in which you can slowly sift through everything you have, and work around this.

2. Discard the unused items

Once you have started removing items from your garage, start asking yourself whether you need to keep everything. Consider the last time you used something and whether you will use it again. We often keep items which we never use simply because we don’t want to part with them however this becomes counterproductive so be ruthless. Donate the items in good condition where possible and discard anything broken or unusable.

3. Clean your space

When everything is out of the garage and you have an empty space, it is the perfect time to give it a quick clean. Admittedly, the garage doesn’t have to be sparkling clean if it is only used as a storage space, but a quick sweep and dust won’t go a miss. Giving it a clean represents a fresh start and gives you a clean space to work with.

Top tips for a clutter-free garage

4. Divide into sections

By categorizing everything it makes the task of putting it all back much more manageable. Also, if you label everything and stick to a storage system you will find everything so much quicker and easier, preventing a mess forming. When everything has a home, it becomes a lot easier to stick to the system.

5. Get good storage solutions

The final step is to make sure you have some good storage and put everything back. Tall shelving is great for garages and provides a vast amount of storage without taking up too much floor space; you can store boxes and baskets on the shelves, placing things you use less at the top. Hanging racks are great for gardening equipment and bikes, again freeing up that all important floor space. When storage is optimal, clutter will become a thing of the past.

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