Children’s bedrooms: the power of pastels

Choose colours for children's rooms carefully, as some can be more soothing than others

Pastels are a great modern interior trend which work well in children’s rooms. If you are looking for longevity, pastels are great to incorporate as they tend to be vibrant for young children to enjoy whilst also being sophisticated enough for teenagers to appreciate. Creating a colour scheme can be a lot of fun and helps to shape the perfect space for sleep, socialising, play and study.

You can introduce pastels in a number of ways, not just through the walls. Instead, look to accessories such as bedding, throws, cushions and soft furnishings, such as those seen on Room to Grow. Pastel colours tend to be quite soothing, so are great for an injection of colour that’s not overpowering. You can also balance them out with neutral tones or mix and match with other colours for a loud, fun feel.


Ideas and inspiration to choise the right colour for children's bedroom decor

Pink is a thoughtful and caring colour with a gentle feel which makes it ideal for a bedroom colour. Pink is seen as a toned-down version of red, still carrying the loving energy that red does. As a tender and kind colour, that is often referred to as a sign of hope in colour psychology, the shade works well with a number of children’s bedroom themes, such as a unicorn, flowery or princess theme. The unicorn theme can be created by combining pinks and other pastels such as lilac or pale yellow and adding some sparkle as a magical finishing touch. If pastel pinks aren’t to your taste, a vibrant bright pink alternative is a happy shade that radiates uplifting energy.


Pastel blue is a good choice for a children's bedroom wall colour as it helps promote sleep

Blue is often described as a peaceful and tranquil colour; it is associated with calmness and serenity and has been linked to improved productivity. Blue is thought to be a good colour to use in bedrooms as it promotes sleep. It also lends itself well to some different themes; the most obvious one being an under the sea theme. There are various ways to introduce hints of blue into a child’s room. You may choose to paint every wall or mix it up with different shades of blue or white. You could even keep the walls neutral but have pastel blue bed linen or soft furnishings such as cushions in an array of shades.


The power of pastels for kids bedroom decor

There are various shades of pastel green which can work well in children’s rooms such as pale forest tones and mint greens. Green represents nature, it is considered to be very refreshing and often calming. Lending itself to many themes, such as jungle or nature, green is a versatile colour that also works great for beachy theme; if you choose a shade such as seafoam green and incorporate accessories such as shells. Mint green works well when incorporated into bedding and for a more dramatic effect it can be mixed with hints of brighter colours like neon pink, bright orange or a striking blue!

Pastels are a great way to introduce colour into a child’s room without overstimulating them with brighter vibrant shades. They are soothing and calming, which makes them great bedroom colours whether than be through painted walls or various accessories.

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