Space saving vertical radiators for a Cosy Home

Space saving vertical radiators have heaps of benefit, not least allowing you to save space in small rooms.

Having a warm and cosy home is even more important at this time of year, when the temperature drops outside and the days get colder. One way of ensuring your home stays super cosy inside is to have plenty of radiators around your house so there’s always one available to snuggle up to or warm your hands on when you come in from the cold.

If your home is lacking in radiators, or you’re short on space, don’t despair – there are some fantastic space saving vertical radiators available that will solve all your home heating needs. Here’s the Cosy Home guide to the benefits and versatility of choosing vertical radiators.

Benefit 1: Vertical radiators enhance interior living space

Oxfordshire white space saving vertical radiator with dual fuel ability

One of the key benefits of choosing to have vertical radiators in your home is their ability to enhance your living space. Traditional horizontal radiators often take up lots of space on the wall, which in turn limits the way in which you can arrange your interior living space. For example, it’s counter-productive from a heating point of view to position a sofa right in front of where a radiator is.

By opting for a vertical radiator instead, you’ll end up with far more ability to arrange and style the furniture in a room to suit your needs. It removes the issue of radiators getting blocked in by big pieces of furniture and ensures your room gets the maximum amount of heat it needs.

Benefit 2: Space saving vertical radiators are functional on narrow and tall wall areas

Dorney chrome space saving vertical radiator installed on a kitchen wall

The very nature of upright space saving designer radiators means that they’re far more functional for narrow or tall walls, where you wouldn’t normally be able to fit in a traditional horizontally designed radiator.

For example, spaces in alcoves, areas either side of large windows or even in the kitchen, where the majority of the space tends to be taken over by kitchen units. All of these areas are perfect for having a vertical radiator fitted and give a new lease of life to unused narrow and tall wall spaces. What’s more, the design of a vertical radiator means you won’t be compromising on heat capacity either.

Benefit 3: Vertical radiators can replace heated towel rails

Practical Salisbury vertical radiator that doubles up as a towel rail

There’s nothing like having a warm towel at the ready when you emerge from the shower or bath. If you’ve currently got both a radiator and a heated towel rail in your bathroom, you could save yourself some vital space by installing a vertical radiator that also functions as a heated towel rail.

For space saving vertical radiators with this function, look out models with dual fuel ability. This means they can be heated by both your central heating system and an independent electric heating element and provide the towel rail heating service.

Benefit 4: Space saving vertical radiators are lighter than cast iron radiators

 Accuro Korle Zephyra designer space saving vertical radiator in a brushed aluminium finish

One practical benefit is that modern vertical radiators are far lighter in weight than traditional cast iron radiators. Upright column style radiators can work incredibly well in a period home as an alternative to a heavy old cast iron version. Whoever’s installing it will probably thank you too, as they’re a lot easier to move around and put in!

Benefit 5: Vertical radiators are available in a variety of styles

Unusual Carisa motion vertical designer radiator

The popularity of space saving vertical radiators means that they’re widely available in a variety of designs and styles. There are plenty of options to consider, including narrow and wide vertical radiator designs, and you’ll no doubt find a designer vertical radiator that fits perfectly in your home.

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