10 quirky ideas from Etsy to liven up your garden

It’s always nice to make a space your own, and that applies to outdoors as well as inside. Even if you’re not particularly greenfingered, there are lots of ways to personalise your garden, and turn it into a private space you’ll love to spend time in. We’ve scoured Etsy for our pick of quirky, unusual, handmade ideas to add a little flair to your outdoor air.

1. Rusty metal chickens, RustyRoosterMetalArt

Rusty metal chickens, RustyRoosterMetalArt

If you’ve always wanted to keep your own hens but can’t due to a lack of space or time, the fact that you keep cats or dogs or just that you prefer your flowerbeds when they’re not dug up, then this could be the answer. These hen silhouettes add a fun touch to any flat surface, and can be easily moved when you want to mow the lawn! Available in a range of different designs. £16 each, available from RustyRoosterMetalArt on Etsy.

2. Tree face decoration, TheTreeFacePeople

Tree face decoration, TheTreeFacePeople

We think this works brilliantly if you like a bit of subtlety! See how long it takes your guests to notice that one of your trees is looking right back at them – it’s sure to be a conversation piece. Handmade with a bark texture and colours to blend with your tree, it attaches with screws and can be arranged to suit the size of tree. £16.99, available from TheTreeFacePeople.

3. The Drinky shelf, ReclaimedDorset

The Drinky shelf, ReclaimedDorset

This is completely irresistible! Handmade from rustic pallet wood, this fold-down rinks shelf and mini bar means that you won’t be caught out when friends pop by unexpectedly. Suitable even for small spaces, it fits neatly against the wall. £85, available from ReclaimedDorset on Etsy.

4. Handmade Gothic garden mirror, BRIGHTON ROC

Handmade Gothic garden mirror, BRIGHTON ROC

Made from fibre cement and suitable for outdoor use, this fabulous mirror will set off any garden. In summertime, position it to reflect the brightest of blooms in the daytime and garden lights in the evening. £153, available from BRIGHTONROC on Etsy.

5. Group of mosaic poppies, sarahmosaics

Group of mosaic poppies, sarahmosaics

This striking group of poppy stems will look good all year round and add a splash of colour to a dark corner. They’re equally suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and cost £43 from sarahmosaics on Etsy. 

6. Moon-gazing hares, Brighthelm Stone

Moon-gazing hares, Brighthelm Stone

This pair of moon-gazing hares are handmade in Sussex from frost proof reconstituted stone with an aged sandstone colour finish. Position them in a slightly raised area such as on a tree stump, patio step or an upturned flower pot to make a focal point. £29.99, available from Brighthelm Stone on Etsy.

7. Gardenia rose arch, Ben’s Country Forge

Gardenia rose arch, Ben’s Country Forge

This sided rose trellis is made from steel rod, which has been woven to create a deep-sided archway. Use it to train climbing plants and or create splendid entrances to pathways. It has a distressed finish and a weathered rustic look to blend into your garden. £1169.99, available from Ben’s Country Forge on Etsy.

8. Reclaimed bicycle planter, Fabago

Reclaimed bicycle planter, Fabago

This vintage bicycle has been upcycled into wall art. They can be placed indoors or out and used as functional yet quirky storage. Mounted on a garden wall or fence, these bikes make excellent planters for any variety of flower. £69.99, available from Fabago on Etsy.

9. Wooden garden obelisk, Lichfield Planters

Wooden garden obelisk, Lichfield Planters

This Gibbs obelisk is about one meter 80 tall and 50cm square at the base, and is handmade and painted in a colour of your choice. Ideal for making a centrepiece, or adding height to a low bed. £215, available from Lichfield Planters on Etsy.

10. Driftwood wind chime, Shore Things NE

Driftwood wind chime, Shore Things NE

This windchime is made from rustic driftwood, sea shells and sea glass wrapped in wire. The components were sourced along the North East Jurassic Coastline and the result is a wind chime/sun catcher that will look pretty on any tree. £13.49, available from Shore Things NE on Etsy.

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