Top 10 night lights for young children

When you’re three or four, having monsters under the bed is no laughing matter. Very young children have very vivid imaginations, and haven’t yet learnt to separate reality from fantasy.

Even a child who’s previously been a good sleeper may develop night fears due to a change in personal circumstances or a new event such as starting at a new school. Positioning one of these cute nightlights by the bed will help by making sure the room’s never completely dark, and help your child to feel reassured if they wake during the night.

Main image: Pixabay

1. Little Brontosaurus night light, Bobby Rabbit

Little Brontosaurus night light, £12, Bobby Rabbit

With his long neck and tail, white speckled back and rosy pink cheeks, this little dinosaur is friendly and comforting. He will sit on a shelf or bedside table and cast a soft warm glow at nighttime, scaring away the monsters before falling asleep himself due to his automatic 15 minute smart timer option. Left alone, he’ll glow for approximately 20 hours. £12, available from Bobby Rabbit.

2. Rabbit lamp, Koko kids

Rabbit lamp, £36, Koko kids

Suitable for older children, this cute rabbit lamp is moulded by hand and then cast in pure white ceramic. Bright enough for bedtime reading, it’s also suitable for a night light as it comes with a replaceable low-watt led bulb which doesn’t heat the lamp if left on for periods of time. £36, available from Koko kids.

3. Ceramic train night light, babatude boutique

Ceramic train night light, £95, babatude boutique

This unusual ceramic vintage train nightlight will help your little locomotive enthusiast drift off into a peaceful sleep. Made of ceramic, it’s very tough, safe and never gets hot making it ideal for babies and children. £95, available from babatude boutique.

4. Playbulb piggy speaker lamp, Zoocoro

Playbulb piggy speaker lamp, £69.95, Zoocoro

This little piggy went wee wee wee…..all the way to bed! This high tech Playbulb Zoocoro piggy lamp is not only a colour change night light, but has a bluetooth speaker too so that you can soothe little ones at night with their favourite music or even a story. Controlled via smart technology, download the free app that’s available on Google Play and from the App Store and choose from five different colour modes, brightness, sounds and even set a timer for the lights and sounds to switch on and off again. £69.95, available from The Glow Company.

5. Train night light, Becky & Lolo

Train night light, £35, Becky & Lolo

This characterful train night light will soothe little ones to sleep and is cleverly designed so that the internal lantern gently rotates when switched on and using only the heat of a light, projects colourful train themed images onto the box walls. No batteries are required- the light works through a safe 12V transformer with a low 7W bulb and will emit a comforting, warm glow across an entire bedroom or nursery. £35, available from Becky & Lolo.

6. Clapperboard lightbox, Drifting Bear Co

Clapperboard lightbox, £18, Drifting Bear Co

This light-up clapper board comes complete with a wipe clean pen (conveniently stored at the back), so you can customise your board however you want, however many times you want. The light is activated by the movement of the clapper – once the hand comes down, the light goes off. This clapper board light can also used as a soft light for a childs bedroom and would act as great way to encourage children to go to bed. Was £36, now £18, available from The Drifting Bear.

7. Woodland scene star nightlight, Berry Red

Woodland scene star nightlight, £17.50, Berry Red

A three dimensional star-shaped decorative light, with a pretty laser cut woodland scene. It gives a very soft pretty diffused light with the fretwork detailing illuminated. Available in two sizes: Large measures 37cm diameter x 6cm deep, and small measures 25cm diameter x6cm deep. Requires 4 x AA batteries. Prices start at £17.50 from Berry Red.

8. Personalised light up name sign, Tango and Twist

Personalised light up name sign, £34.95, Tango and Twist

With your child’s name hand painted in vibrant enamels on reclaimed wood coated with chalk paint and sealed for a lovely worn look, you can also add optional battery LED lights to turn this custom sign into a personalised night light.  Lights are all battery operated LEDs, CE Certified, they give out no heat and take standard AA batteries (not supplied). Prices start at £34.95, available from Tango and Twist. 

9. Rocket night light, Aloka

Rocket night light, £39.95, Aloka

Boys will love this hip and cool night light which is available in a choice of colours. Children can adjust brightness and set a timer with their own remote control. There is also a bright setting so it can be used as a side light. £39.95, available from Nubie.

10. Joseph Bunny lamp, Bobby Rabbit

Joseph Bunny lamp, £80, Bobby Rabbit

This special bunny has been designed with love and care in France and is made from durable, child-safe moulded plastic. He is perfect as a bedside light, sitting happily on your child’s shelf or table and giving off a soft, warm glow come night time.  £80, available from Bobby Rabbit.

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