Gold rush: how to decorate with warm metal tones

Using warm tones of copper, brass and gold to add texture and interest is a trick you can use right through the house. Here’s how:


To help your kitchen look like an expensive, handmade version, paint kitchen cupboards and cabinets and add brass or copper handles and hooks. Mismatched handles look quirky and individual – collect what you need via salvage fairs or online auction sites and mix traditional round brass knobs with pull handles and bars. Don’t be afraid to mix vintage, antique and contemporary for an individual result.

If you suffer from lack of light in your kitchen, add a couple of copper vases on the windowsill or shelves. They’ll help reflect light with a soft, sparkling tone and provide a pretty focal point for potted herbs or cut flowers. Bronze and copper tealight holders work well for the same reason.

If you’d like to take it a step further, a brass kitchen tap looks stunning against a marble worksurface – they are harder to take care of than stainless steel, though!

For a traditional farmhouse kitchen look, arrange vintage copper pans on plain white shelves or hang them from the ceiling. You can pick up vintage pans in antique shops or at fairs, but keep them for display only. Modern versions, with a copper outer and a stainless steel lining, are a better choice if you want to actually use them for cooking with!

Dining room

On a crisp, white tablecloth, bronze rimmed glasses, decorative plates, serving spoons and napkin rings will all make a real impact.

A bronze or copper toned jug in the middle of the table, filled with bright pink flowers, will make a real centre piece.

In the same way, bronze-coloured curtains of artificial silk look really eye-catching in a dining room – have them slightly too long so they pool slight on the floor.

Artificial silk is a more practical choice than the real thing, as it’s cheaper, washable and doesn’t rot in strong sunlight. Keep walls to a plain off-white or soft grey colour for maximum impact.


For an opulent, slightly Eastern feel, look for tiles with warm metal accents.

Don’t overdo it, or you’ll end up with a fussy look – just put a row of tiles behind sinks or baths, then add bottles of rich, golden shower gel and liquid soap to pick up the colours.


Warm metal tones are fantastic for bedrooms, helping you create a cosy haven.

Try gold-coloured throws and covers on the bed and bronze-coloured cushions and rugs. To add a soft, golden glow to the whole room, choose bronze fabric lampshades.

Living room

Use bold, gold toned wallpaper on one wall to create a feature, and match it with plain paint in warm grey on the other walls.

Frame pictures in mis-matched, metallic frames and add lots of candles in brass candlesticks.

Other colours that tone well with metallic shades are rich plums and browns, so incorporate these as cushions and rugs to create a really opulent feel.

Here’s our pick of the top pieces to help you get the look.

1. Bell-shaped hanging copper lamp, £110 from Out There Interiors.

2. Copper and concrete Howarthia pot, £21 from Oh What’s This

3. Copper and black espresso mugs, £25 from Marquis and Dawe

4. Brass fish mirror, £108 from Mia Fleur

5. Brass crocodile hook, £14 from Monty’s Vintage Shop

6. Gold metal globe on stand, £69 from Artisanti

7. Gold gilt classic ornate mirror, £45 from Ayers and Graces

8. Gold dipped glass vase, £14 from Marquis and Dawe

9. Bronze decorative tea light holder, £1 from Poundland

10. Bronze ribbed jug, £10.50 from The Contemporary Home

By Sara Walker


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