Bathing beauties: 10 gorgeous baths to update your bathroom

If you’re thinking of updating your home, the bathroom’s a great place to start.

Adding a smart new bathroom can be a great investment too. Research by HSBC suggests it may add around £3,500 to the price of your property, a return on investment of around 48%.

If you’re not ready to update the whole room, then why not how just focus on adding a new bath? Here are 10 gorgeous baths to inspire you!

1. Acrylic boat bath, BC Designs

Boat bath, £1260 from BC Designs

This classic boat bath (sometimes called a ‘bateau bath’) will add a touch to style to any bathroom. It has an acrylic inner and outer and is available in white as standard but can also be painted to order. It is available in three sizes to fit different room sizes- prices start at £1260 for the 1580mm size from BC Designs.

2. Summit freestanding bath, Frontline Bathrooms

Summit freestanding bath, £1,495 from Frontline Bathrooms

This beautiful freestanding bath has clean, simple lines meaning it can be paired with a contemporary or traditional interior. There’s also a matching bathroom suite to complete the look. £1,495 from Frontline Bathrooms.

3. Darling New range, Duravit

Darling New bath, from £1,909 from Duravit

The Darling New range can be as high tech or traditional as you like. It’s available as a classic freestanding unit, or boxed in with wood panelling. You can have an extended rim forming an additional seat, atmospheric LED lighting under the rim or even whirlpool options to turn your bathroom into a home spa. Prices start at £1,909 from Duravit. 

4. Cooke & Lewis Antonio freestanding bath, B&Q

Cooke & Lewis Antonio bath, £792 from B&Q

The Antonio oval freestanding bath from Cooke & Lewis is perfect for creating a focal point in your bathroom. This style gives you greater flexibility with where it’s placed, and is ideal for larger bathrooms. It’s designed so you can choose where to place your bath taps and holds 210 litres of water. Compatible with duchess plug and chain waste. £792 from B&Q.

5. Ascot bath tub with metallic finish, Soakology

Ascot bath tub, £1,299 from Soakology

For a truly luxurious soak, lean back and relax in the Ascot freestanding double ended roll top bath. Inspired by iconic 19th century bain de bateau, it has gently sloping sides and a beaten platinum foil finish. Was £2,255, now £1,299 from Soakology.

6. Admiral roll top bath, Victorian Plumbing

Admiral ‘back to wall’ bath, £349.94 from Victorian Plumbing

For style at a budget price, this ‘back to wall’ roll top bath comes with traditional chrome feet. It’s the perfect centrepiece for a traditional bathroom and as it’s made with double skinned acrylic it’s practical as well as attractive. £349.94 from Victorian Plumbing.

7. Cooke & Lewis Duchess oval freestanding bath, B&Q

Cooke & Lewis Duchess bath, £892 from B&Q

If you like a clean, uncluttered look in your bathroom then the Duchess oval freestanding bath is for you. It’s designed so you can choose where to place your bath taps and holds 230 litres of water. £892 from B&Q

8. Casini bath, BC Designs

Casini bath, £3996 from BC Designs

For something really unusual, how about this Casini one-piece cast bath that suits both traditional and contemporary spaces? The original design, by Barrie Cutchie, has a large bathing area and slim rim for an elegant finish. The unique Cian material is warm to touch and retains heat for longer. £3996 from BC Designs.

9. Pano freestanding slipper bath, Frontline Bathrooms

Pano slipper bath, £1,495 from Frontline Bathrooms

Slipper baths are shaped to have one end higher than the other, making them comfortable for relaxing in. This Pano bath with its sleek silhouette would be perfect as the centrepiece of any style of bathroom. £1,495 from Frontline Bathrooms.

10. Vitale roll top twin end bath, Homebase

Vitale roll top bath, £919 from Homebase

For a Victorian feel combined with the practicality of modern technology, we like this Vitale roll top twin end bath. It’s made using high grade 5mm acrylic and has a period feel.There’s plenty of space to lean back and relax, and it comes complete with ornate feet. £919 from Homebase.


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